Bringing together beautiful elements for us to use as a dress of marriage is an enjoyable activity in the preparation moments of the wedding. There are many nice features that you should prepare, not only wedding dresses, other accessories such as necklaces, rings, hair accessories to the most famous shoes you can choose according to your style and personality. For bridal shoes, not infrequently we find the brides have chosen wrong shoes. Apparently, all matches are not always perfect, but many do not realize it. Do not worry, with some of the following tips you can combine shoes that match the dress you wear.

Unique shoes to be combined with a wedding dress

The bride and groom will choose to wear high heels for use on the marriage day. But many women who do not feel comfortable using high heels. Relax, high heels are not the only option. It never hurts to try other types of shoes that better suit your taste and personality:

  • Wedges

For some women, wearing high heels on the wedding day will be tortuous especially for those of you who are not used to it. The choice of using wedges that have thicker rights can be an alternative for you who want to look tall, but still stand firmly during the wedding took place. Select also sticks with the open end (peep toe) to keep your feet visible ladder.

  • Sneakers

If you include a bride who has an unusual personality and does not like the sporty style, sneakers are a unique choice that is comfortable for the wedding. To stay in line with the marriage dress and mood, choose a metallic, gold or silver color. Sneakers with embellishments such as Christian Dior collection can also be a beautiful choice that you can use at your wedding.

  • Ballerina Flats

If you intend to use a dress of marriage that you are dressed would be very suitable to use ballerina flats shoes. Ballerina flats covered with lace material will make your feet look cute. These shoes can also be used after the wedding because these types of shoes easily combined with many types of clothing. Flat can look modern, preppy and chic, very suitable for bride candidates who do not want to look tall from the partner.

In addition to using good shoes and beautiful on the wedding day, you also have to pay attention to some things about comfort in using shoes, not good if using good shoes but not comfortable to wear, right? Do not worry guys, here are some tips for choosing wedding shoes:

  • Customize the wedding dress

Shoes that look good with the dress does not mean it should look the same with the material to a similar color. Mix-match shoes that look in harmony with the dress even though the color is different. Apply different contrasting theories to your dress style.

  • Customize with them

Take a good look at how you customize your shoes, not just with a wedding dress, but you also have to adjust to the overall theme of the wedding.

  • Keep priority to comfort

If you think about going around and coming to guests, or just standing all day on the aisle, expect the guests to get over. You have to make sure that the shoes you use are comfortable shoes. Because many brides end up barefoot at the end of the party because they are not accustomed to using high heels. At least prepare beautiful, spare boots that you used to wear if at the end of the day you are ultimately unable to bear the feeling of stiffness caused by your high heels.

Every bride would want to look perfect on her wedding day. In addition to the marriage dress, various supporting accessories must be prepared with the maximum. One of the most important is married shoes. By reading the above article, hopefully, you will not be wrong in choosing what shoes you will use at the wedding. May be useful!