While preparing for the wedding, you might be surprised at how much you have spent for the perfect ceremony. After looking at your wallet, it is decided that you have to suppress the spending from now on.  If you haven’t bought the wedding dress yet, take a look at the charismatic gown below. It is great for you and your wallet!

Goddess Chiffon Gown

The glow of a wedding dress is the flowing effect. This is exactly what this dress is offering. The V neck style makes your neck appears longer as well as highlighting the breast curve. Hanging from the shoulders, the chiffon material is also accompanied with slimming effect: the simple rumple. This effect continues to the bottom of the long skirt. The waistband is also special; some beads are embellished to form a crown-like pattern.

Sweet And Simple Lace

If you want a customize lace wedding dress, the price might be far from what your budget allow. But don’t worry, this dress will be your solace. It is made from full lace fabric, taking sleeveless model for the bodice. Its white skirt is low-high, perfect cut to expose the long calves and pretty heels. For a casual rooftop party, this outfit is a grand match, especially in summer season. You know how lace gives open way for air circulation, right?

Elegant Lace and Tulle

Some people say a dress will be more luxurious if it combines at least two fabrics. If you share similar opinion, then this dress is made for you. The bodice takes lace as the base with illusion neckline. The skirt is tulle of similar tone, flowing gorgeously to the floor. Each time the bride walks, the skirt will sway to the motion. In the back, there is a ribbon, tied neatly in waist area.

Charming Simplicity

Nobody can deny the glamour side of wearing silk fabric in the wedding. You might think that the budget won’t fit, but there is an affordable option for you. It is not white, but ivory silk fabric, which will look pretty for the dark skinned brides. The model takes curvy mermaid silhouette design. The neckline has sweetheart cut, paired with deep V at the front and back. You will look prettier with the floral slash as a waistband.

Wedding requires a lot of preparation. Unfortunately, some things should be bought at that price. Otherwise, the ceremony will be ruined. Luckily, you can have the affordable wedding dress. Isn’t it great to save some money without giving up the glam?