The act of giving and wearing a ring on the third finger of the left hand is a tradition traced back to Egypt. It was symbolic of a "vein of love" to wear it on that finger as they believed it connected the heart with the hand. The tradition has stuck around long enough to become a hugely accepted practice. Wedding rings are typically made of a metal that will last as it is supposed to be the one ring you wear forever. The intention is to wear it as many years as you are together in life.

So how did this tradition last through the years? Couples getting married often want a ceremony to finalize their commitment, but also to share with the rest of the world the fact that they are together. Throughout time, people have been coupling up with or without the intention of marriage. The symbolism behind a wedding and having two wedding rings bond you with someone else is a tradition that will probably continue as time goes on.

Wedding rings come in many different styles. You can go with a classic metal band or incorporate diamonds into the band. One style is the eternity band, which has diamonds all the way around the ring. The message behind it is that your love and bond is unending similar to the design of the ring.

It is common for couples to get bridal jewelry passed down to them from relatives as heirlooms. Sometimes the original ring is used, and other times the stone (s) are removed from the older ring and reused in a new ring setting. This gives the ring an added sentiment adding stones from one of your loved ones. If you go that route, choose a jeweler you can trust as you are allowing them to modify such a valuable piece of jewelry.

Source by Marilyn Deschamps