Short dress, just like the long dress, has been around for a long time. Since long dress is more popular, the competitor hasn’t had the chance to shine yet. The pretty dresses are suitable especially for the brides who have wide height gap with the groom. Wearing short wedding gown and high heels will make the brides seem taller. In addition, there are some sweet styles to choose.

Lace And Satin

Mix match doesn’t apply for the daily outfit. You can do it with your wedding gown, too! A classic pair of lace and satin couldn’t be more gorgeous than this! The bodice is layered with lace in the outside, shiny beads add the glow to the pattern. The skirt is satin fabric with slightly lighter color. In the middle of the stomach blade, you have nice lace waistband. The clean edge of the skirt gives you neat look. Pair with with strap heels.

Sweet Whole Lace Gown

Going for something preppy? Then this whole lace gown is the perfect answer. Especially, for those brides who have small waist. The neckline takes sweetheart shape, framed into illusion full neck bodice with laces. In the upper waist, there is seam sewing, highlighting the pretty and slim line. As for the skirt, it copies A-line model and knee-length only, allowing the bride to show the lean legs.

Enchanting Short Gown

If separated bodice and skirt are too much to handle, why don’t you go for this one piece gown? This is a perfect wedding dress for spring bride, considering the lace motive in the outer layer. Flowing up to the knees, this dress highlights the edges with nice lace pattern. As for the front and back, you will get deep V cut. Don’t worry of slipping accident. The cap shoulder will hold the dress in its place nicely.

Colored Short Gown

A perfect combination of tulle fabric and lace could pop up with the touch of violet color. Instead of cutting the length right above the knees, this dress takes several centimeters below the knees. There is a charming lace in the end of each shoulder, creating the illusion of long neck. The embedded lace goes to the torso and covers only one third part of the skirt. Overall, this A-line dress would make the bride looks stunning!

Especially for short women, more tricks should be applied for them to look fabulous in the wedding day. If they are wearing long tail dress, they will look even shorter. In this case, the short wedding gown is the better choice. Pick one of the style above and make the special wedding dream comes true!