Some brides are having hard times to find the perfect wedding dress. Unfortunately, it cannot work just by scrabbling the bride’s wish on the paper. More aspects like the material and bride’s body line should also be included into consideration. Those women who have broad shoulder and waist might be able to pull off this style effortlessly.

Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress

Choosing mermaid style for the wedding dress shows that the bride is not afraid to expose her beautiful body lines. Then why don’t go with backless dress? It has illusion back decoration, leaving off the pattern to cover some skin. The bodies cut right above the center of the waist, and the mermaid fabric expands from the area above the knees. The fabric then sweep the floor, while the lace in the edges highlights the gown.

Half Mermaid Wedding Gown

For those who are not fond of curve exposure but love the idea of mermaid style, there are ways to make it works just fine. First of all, add illusion sleeves, using lace to cover the shoulder and wrist area only. When the normal gown embedded different fabric for the expanding part, try to use one material for the bodice and skirt. It will soften the mermaid impression, but still gives off the moderate sexy vibe.

Foamy Mermaid Wedding Dress

Taking the mermaid itself as the sample, the bride will end up wearing a body fit gown with huge rumple as the flair. The detail plan includes the combination of lace, beads and super long torso bodice. Instead of cutting the bodice to the waist, it goes straight to the thigh. Right above the knees, new fabric is embedded, stacked layer by layer to mimic the ocean wave. The bride will look shiny and vibrant with this fancy dress.

Straight Mermaid Wedding Dress

The idea of showing of curves is tempting, but some brides just can’t pull it off well. Don’t worry, there are some tricks for those who still want to try the mermaid gown. First of all, forget about straps. The bride needs strapless bodice to make the shoulder looks boarder. As for the mermaid skirt, pick new fabric material with the closest color to the bodice. What about the waist? Soft rumple effect on the fabric will be a great help.

The name mermaid comes from the expanding material attached slightly above the knee. Nevertheless, this mode seems to be many women’s favorite, since mermaid gown wrap the body tightly and shows the sexy curves. This is the answer they are looking for their complex body: broad shoulder and wide waist.