Marriage is something very sacred and indeed a dream of everyone. Because of that, everything must be prepared perfectly. Be it decorations, as well as the concept of marriage. So it’s perfectly natural for every bride, wanting something special on their wedding day. In addition to the prestige and want to make all guests are amazed by their marriage. There is one thing that is sure to arise in the minds of every couple, that is to make their marriage different from the others. We can make the guests amazed by making unique wedding accessories one of which is making wedding cakes that are interesting and different from others. Because the wedding cake is synonymous with beautiful and fantastic design. In this article, I will discuss the unique wedding cake and also can represent the theme of the marriage you are doing and will certainly be very impressive at your wedding party.

Inspiration single ethnic-themed wedding cake

In the international tradition, cake cutting is often used as the ultimate moment of a marriage reception. But that does not mean traditional marriage can not present wedding cakes in the middle of the party. You can order a cake of marriage with a unique ethnic-themed ornament; it will be a unique wedding party decorator and create its beauty. If you are interested, here is a unique wedding cake inspired by the following ethnic archipelago:

  • Pasundan green cake

If you come from Sunda breadfruit, a pie with green flavor feels very appropriate to represent the land Sunda. The combination of pastel green color with white gives an elegant impression. If you want the theme of custom Sundanese that you perform appear more striking, you can add decoration like ornament Coconut leaves with so your wedding cake will be very Sunda.

  • Javanese-themed wedding cake

Javanese ornament was not only applied as decoration only wedding. For those of you who come from Javanese tribe and want a Javanese-themed wedding, you can use Javanese ornament like Ge Gunung a puppets, or batik style on your wedding cake. This will significantly add to the uniqueness of your wedding party.

  • Wedding cake themed ethnic Batak

If during this topper cake or his peak bride synonymous with a pair of brides wearing a suit and dress, try to change the mindset. You who hold a traditional wedding reception nisa replace dress and coat bride on topper cake with traditional custom clothes. As the presence of topo cake Batak style Toba and plain weaving style firm and unforgettable and very impressive.


  • Gadang Home Heirloom cake

This cake is also no less impressive with other wedding cakes. The specialty of this wedding cake is there in the ornament of a unique gadang home. The combination of turquoise blue color with green color as the main color theme was integrated perfectly with this Minang bride style decoration. For you who come from Minang, this wedding cake is recommended.

  • Coconut flower cake

For those of you who come from the Betawi tribe, there is a wedding cake design that is perfect for you. Wedding cake design is no less attractive with other wedding cakes, which on this cake brings great cheerful traditional wedding party your traditional Betawi with a typical ornament of coconut flowers at the top of the cake. Choose an elegant white color to balance out the excitement in the wedding cake decoration. Ornaments typical of this coconut flowers add unique and different from other wedding party event.

For those of you who want to be their own culture, it turns out the wedding cake is designed locally no less unique from wedding cakes coming from abroad, right? This wedding cake in addition to impressive also can grow the value of love for the culture of Indonesia itself. Hopefully useful and good luck!