Every bride would want to look charming on her wedding day, one of which is to choose a hairstyle that is not only beautiful but also fashionable and elegant. Having long hair does not have to be cut and not a problem to look great on your wedding day, precisely by having long hair will make it easier for us to choose any hairstyle for the wedding later, because with long hair we are free to form any model that we Want, of course, by still paying attention and adjust to the dress and shape your face. Not infrequently also the bride who still appear with long hair that decomposes on her marriage day.

Inspiration of long hairstyle for the bride

If you are a bride, what about the hairstyle you will wear at the wedding? In addition to that areas, you should also pay attention to your hairstyle as well. If still confused, below there are some hairstyles that can be your inspiration to set hair on the wedding day to keep it long and elegant:

  • Curly updo

This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who have long stem type hair and curls. This model is made with hair tied up a ponytail, then rearranged using a curlier tool. Spray hairspray and sweetener with a crown in your hair. It will look lovely and maximal for this type of hair if you do not apply a lot of curly here and there, so your hair will look dazzling and elegant.

  • Half do side swept

This type of hairstyle is still for curly hair that has a large stem; you can also use this model just by styling the hair to the side and let the curly texture is downward. Use flip-flops and allow a slight twist on the back of the hair. After that do not forget to spray hairspray for good results and durable.

  • Half do straight hair

If you have straight and comfortable hair with your straight hair, you can use a half do hair model for straight hair. How to set the top of the hair in a way speak up. Hair then in the clasp and made a sideways ponytail, and will look very natural because this hairstyle is relatively straightforward but still elegant.

  • Half do medium hair

Have you medium length hair? No need to worry. You can look beautiful with curly accents that you can apply to the strands of hair. Use the waiver especially in the middle to the end so that the hair will be more contain and look a lot. Do not forget to embed the flip on the side, so the hairstyle Looks almost like a side swept. Upper hair is combed with a tight-tooth comb and then spray hairspray to keep the result quick and durable.


  • Up to classic

This model is a kind of up-do Greece that is perfect if combined with the ball gown. You can pick a vintage accent and do not have to have long or medium hair to wear this style. This style is perfect for you who want to look elegant and beautiful

  • Up do and tiara

If you want to wear a crown during your wedding, you can apply this dramatic and romantic style of classic, especially if your hair is straight, you can give a natural look just by making a ponytail. You will look more dazzling and elegant with this simple look.

Shown with straight hair married is very good and looks more feminism. If you are still confused to determine the type of hair that is suitable for you Diana car wedding, hopefully after reading this article you are not confused again and have been able to determine the appropriate type of hair for your wedding theme. Good luck and good luck