Wedding is the big day, not only for the bride and groom, but also the whole families and relatives. With this reason only, people justify their choice to hold a grand wedding ceremony. Of course, not all couples could afford hiring professional wedding organizer. Luckily, holding a humble and fantastic wedding with minimum cost is now possible with these tricks.

Fix the Budget

The very first thing to do while planning the budget wedding is writing down the maximum number you could spend. Borrowing money is the last resort, never put it on the first option. It would be even better if the couples take their savings only to the calculation. Then, they may ask if any family or relatives want to pitch in.

Make a quick list of the basic things in a wedding; the venue, the catering, the wedding gown, the invitation, the make up artists, the favors, etc. For this list, it is wiser to look for budget wedding reference instead of the wedding magazine. Consult the calculation with the partners. They might add the important things that you forget!

Once you are set with the budget, hold it tight. Don’t go too far from the predicted amount. Keep in mind that you are trying to save more and spend less.

Pick a Wedding Theme

It will be quite difficult to limit the budget if the couples don’t have any theme. They could go pretty much with anything and pick random things for the wedding. To help the brides and grooms, pick a wedding theme. There are a lot of themes to pick; retro, vintage, blue ocean, etc. It could be something that the couples enjoy or even the wish list they want to try.

Having a theme will limit the option taken by the couples. A simple example would be a blue theme wedding. Then the wedding invitation, the flowers, the decorations should have blue vibe in it. Also, it would be peculiar to have too many shades of blue. Therefore, it is better to have one main blue tone as the centerpiece.

Create a Wedding Planner

The whole wedding preparation is too big to keep in a mind frame. It is time to make your very own wedding planner. This simple checklist will be a great help to break down the big job. No need to buy the sheet, you can make it!

First of all, write down lists of things you have to buy and book, the maximum budget to spend as well as the theme. Find more information of some vendors or the companies for wedding arrangement. Make a call and see how they could help and the price they offer.

Now move to the shopping list. How are you going to buy them? If some of them could be bought online, it would be very helpful. Next, put everything on a time frame. How many days have you got? When you are going to do the shopping and the booking? Line them up based on the importance. In short, don’t delay the venue booking just to buy the matching necklace for your gown.

Compare the Price

It is important to have the luxury of comparing the prices. Keep in mind to provide longer time for shopping and booking. When visiting wedding venue, for example, ask for the price, the capacity and the facilities they could provide. If the brides and grooms have some special events, consult whether it is possible to hold them. Stop by two or three other venues before deciding which one to book.

The comparing rule also apply for the other shopping lists. For flower arrangement, never go to one or two florists only because they are closer to the venue. At least compare five florists. Look at their available flowers, the model they offer, the price and the additional service.

Cut The Biggest Leech

Looking at the list for wedding ceremony, the equipments are more or less similar. Then what makes the dollars fly faster from the pocket? Make sure to spot some things that makes the couples spend more than they should.

  1. Flower

What comes to most women’ mind when they have to choose flowers for the wedding ceremony? Some of the popular names are roses and gardenia. Taking reference from movies and old fairy tales, some belief that these fragrant flowers are the symbol of love, which make the ladies push flowers to the utmost priority. They are willing to spend hours to find the best flowers in the store.

When the florist shows them the total estimation cost, the brides are shocked. In the end, the ladies might end up choosing the cheaper and less appealing flowers to replace the first option.

In addition of the “flower euphoria”, the brides often buy more items than they need. Why? It is because they are not planning it carefully. They tend to refer to the design found in wedding magazine than the practical use. For example, instead of lining up colorful flowers on the edge of the tables, fewer flowers in a vase as the centerpiece would be enough.

  1. Tiny Details

When the guests come to a wedding, they expect to see the common things of the ceremony: flowers, pretty tables, bridesmaid, some drinks and some foods. These honorable visitors rarely notice, not to mention: love,  the tiny details added by the hosts.

Referring to the popular sites, many couples often request to add customized guest book, napkins, or flower vase. They also think that one favor is not enough, so they display at least three kinds of favors with different styles. The food served is also special; it is usually brand new recipes that might not suit the guests’ taste bud.

In the end, these small efforts cost huge amount of money. For a budget wedding, this is a big NO. Keep in mind that customized item always has higher price than the ready stock ones. So restrain from adding too many extras that will go to waste. Choose one or two additional items only.  Make sure that these are practical things to present.

  1. The wedding gown

No brides want to spend the wedding day with a shabby gown. Therefore, they take their sweet time to choose the most favorable gown in the shop. It is normal to go in and out into several bridal shops before purchasing. Since the target is spending less money, then the brides cannot casually pick any gown from the rack. Quit the thought of visiting a bridal tailor; it costs more!

The first tips are doing the gown shopping in leisure time. Make a plan, so the brides could have more time to explore the bridal shop. Usually, the wedding gown will be sold at fairly cheaper price at the end of the season. So if they have time, it is better to hunt the gown at this time. Besides, the brides could bring the dress right after they pay the price.

Don’t forget to double check if there is any stain or holes. Loose thread or button are not counted, since they could be fixed easily.

  1. The Wedding Performance

Believe it or not, many couples are carefully planning and choosing the program of the wedding. They expect that their guests will be able to attend the whole program. In fact, a lot of guests only have quick stop; congratulating the couples, enjoying the food and then going home. Therefore, the performance which costs a lot of money is not really the heart of the ceremony.

If the couples want to provide some entertainment, pick an acoustic band with simple sound system instead of the whole bands with huge audio setting. There is no need to add special lighting effect; make use of the room natural lighting.

Thinking about having a wedding ballroom ceremony? It is indeed a good idea, only if you have evening ceremony. Forget about dancing together with the guests when it is added in the afternoon after morning wedding ceremony.

  1. The Venue

It is surprising to see the price of the wedding venue, especially when the bride and groom try to book on the high season. In some cases, the price could reach $30.000 or higher. This is a huge amount which the couples should try to cut.

The first alternative is booking the venue on off season. In this case, you should check whether the venue could be taken. Sometimes, the weather is too cold or too hot, so the couples need to add several tools to make the venue comfortable for the guests.

The second alternative is having a wedding ceremony on weekday. This is the less favorable time to have a wedding, since most of the guests are still working. It is a great choice, but the couples should bear to have less visitors on the ceremony and reception.

The last option is pop up wedding. Many popular wedding venues allow the couples to have a quick reception with minimum decoration, snack and drinks, and no entertainment. It starts usually at 9 am and should end before the scheduled wedding reception. In this case, the price will drop more than 50%.

List the Guests

The number of the guests attending the wedding ceremony and reception will determine how much the couples are going to spend money on the catering and how big the wedding venue needed. The more the merrier, but it also costs more.

One way to slim down the budget is creating the guest lists. Pick the important persons from the family, neighbor, job circle, and probably some close friends. Don’t forget to ask your parents if they have someone in mind to be invited. Then, list how many “plus one” coupon you are going to give. One invitation is usually valid for two persons only. The “plus one” is given to a couple who comes with their child.

Make a Favor from The Decoration

In most weddings, the couples are separating the favors and the decorations. In the end of the reception, the venue will be full of small decorations and some piles of favor boxes on the corner. How about creating a favor that could be used as a decoration also? It would give new experience for the guests.

One example is hanging the prepared favors on the wedding gate or on one side of the room. If the corner is quite far from the reception desk, make sure to provide a “take me” tag on it. Otherwise, the guests won’t know that they are allowed to bring the pretty gift home.

Consider DIY Decoration

There are a lot of decorations in a wedding reception. Giving all the responsibilities to the vendors is easy, but the couples have to pay good amount of money in return. For this reason, the couples should consider to do some DIY projects for the decoration.

It doesn’t have to be applied for all the details from the gates to the aisle. They could be simple things like preparing the bouquet, making the centerpiece, painting the signs, etc. The brides and grooms don’t have to do all the work by themselves. Ask for help from the bridesmaid and some friends. They would be more than happy to give you a hand.

Find All-In-One Wedding Planner

Are you still having sort of budget problems after all the cutting? Then probably you need to alter a little bit. Look at the wedding planner once again. Particularly, look at the venue provider, the bridal shop, florists, the catering and the photographers. Are they independent individuals? If yes, then you could save more money.

Instead of booking services and purchasing items from separated persons, find a vendors that could provide them all. Start from the florists or the catering company. They usually work in a family circle where each of them has different specialties. The wife might be the head of the catering, the husband is in charge of taking photos and the daughter has her own florist.

Try to ask whether it is possible to get all the services from the family. If they agree to do it, they often give huge discount for you. In this case, you hit a jackpot, since they could provide the all-in service for reasonable price. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Be Ready For Plan B

Even though the couples are going for a tight budget plan, they cannot skip the plan B. Things might go wrong several days before or on the wedding. Therefore, having plan B is very important.

Think about the couples who are having outdoor reception. What if rains suddenly pour or the strong wind blows? Those who have indoor reception is not excluded as well. What if the electricity goes off or the catering is not able to make it? All these worries might happen, so better save the money for plan B than spending it for more accessories.

The couples could start by looking for the closest pastry or bakery from the venue. Also, they could find information of the nearby cottage, big enough for the entire outdoor wedding guest to continue the joyful event.

For the bride and groom, wedding ceremony is the sacred time for the ever after commitment. But for the guests, it is a time of celebration. To keep the balance on both sides, there are several tips you could apply. They would surely turn your pennies into something worth to remember.