While wedding is a lifetime occasion, it needs to be celebrated with a difference to have fonder memories of it. Designing and making a bridal bouquet is one such craft, where you can put in your thoughts and creativity into a floral arrangement and make it at very low cost that what you may have to pay to a florist. While there are different types of floral bouquets, it depends on what you wanted to make. For making a regular long flowing floral bouquet, you need some basic craft tools such as floral wire, glue, floral tape, and scissors, along with the choice of flowers, roses or calla lilies. If you think roses are regular, go for elegant lilies.

Besides flowers and flower buds, you need 2 or 3 stems of maiden hair fern and morning glory garlands, and sheer ribbon for loops in between flowers and you may choose your color (see that it complements the flower color) and long white ribbon (usually white adds grace, however, it can be of your own choice of blue or red or silver) for the bow and the streamers. This is enough to make three layers of baby breadth size bouquet.

Lay the ferns and cut the stems neatly. Place them at baby breadth and place the buds on top and see that the thorns are pruned if roses are used. Arrange the big and open flowers on the bed of fern. Cut morning glory garland into small sections and put them in such a way that they flow down. Secure all of the twigs together with a floral wire. Cut the twigs to a uniform length at the bottom. Starting at the top of the twigs to beneath the flowers, place the end of the floral tape around the twigs and stretch the tape, so that it will stick to itself.

Cut the sheer ribbon into small sections. Make these small pieces of ribbon into beautiful loops secure them individually with floral wire and then glue them in between the flowers. Similarly form two bows and secure them with floral wire and glued one below the other such that the bigger bow will be visible.

The remaining ribbon is cut into streamers glued at the top of the second bow. Cut or remove the remaining roses from the twigs and glue it on top of the bow and streamers as well

To make it more attractive take pearl or sequin sprays cut them into small sections and glued and inserted them in between the flowers and satin ribbon loops.

An elegant bridal bouquet is ready with little effort and so much saving. Not just that, it's going to remain fresh in the memories of the couple.

Source by Yolanda Nash