A beach wedding allows for beach brides to let their hair down, be mousse-free, what have you. Some beach brides do not want the heavy feel or tiaras and veils and any hair product while enjoying the sun on her beach wedding location. While tedious hours are spent styling hair for any traditional ceremony in town, beach wedding hair wear is as unique as the beach wedding itself.

The veil can be left out completely on a beach wedding. Some beach brides do away with the veil because of unpredictable island weather such as sudden breeze or an entirely windy day. Even tulle can become very uncomfortable during extremely hot weather, so no beach bride wants her makeup to cake underneath it. There is one style that proves to be very suitable for beach weddings too. The birdcage veil is growing increasingly popular again for that old Hollywood style.

Flowers are the next best thing to tiaras. Tropical flowers can be stuck to a simple bun or pinned to the end of a pretty braid on the side. Choose flowers that can withstand warmer (or hotter) climates for hair wear that can last until the end of the reception, as well as for décor. The flowers that are tougher to extreme weather are calla lilies, stargazers and roses. Artificial flowers can be used together with real flowers, but make sure that they don’t look too faux.

Hair accessories shaped as starfishes, shells or any sea life can be pinned to hair and any beach bride will look coordinated without much effort. For a little glitter, choose the ones with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals. Mother of pearl is an excellent choice, too. Combs and pins adorned with crystals and pearls look good too. Flower girls can wear wide headbands decked with shells and pearls.

Aside from beach wedding hair wear, the style should also be given a lot of thought. Does the beach bride have her own stylist with her to the beach wedding location, or is she having this particular hairstyle copied at the local salon? In the presence of a personal stylist, clearly nothing can go wrong as this is the bride’s own. As for having a local stylist copy a desired hairstyle, the beach bride should be wary that the output may vary from the inspiration. To avert this, the beach bride should have had a hairstyling session prior to the wedding day itself. One can just picture out the probable scenarios following hairstyle havoc. Not pretty.

Most beach brides want the wind blowing in their loosely curled hair, one hibiscus tucked in her ear. Others want a tied bun accentuated by tropical flowers or cupped by a jewelry cuff. Some ditch these altogether and just let their hair down. However the beach bride wants to wear her hair on this occasion, whatever look she wants to sport, she has to stick to the rule of thumb when it comes to accessorizing. Don’t overdo it!

Source by Sarah Forrester