Wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. This once in a life time moment will surely be an unforgettable moment for a couple. However, the excitement may sometimes turn to be a burden realizing that there are plenty of things to plan, one of which is wedding dress. Got no guidance on how to choose the right wedding dress? We’ve got you covered!

Start the Hunt ASAP!

The sooner the better! That’s also applied to the right time of starting the wedding dress hunt. Start the hunt about 9 up to 12 months or a year prior your big day. Not only is it about giving yourself time to choose one from plethora of wedding dress choices out there, it is also about giving your designer enough time to plan, measure, discuss, and finalize your wedding dress to meet your expectation.

Even more, some gown designers set at least six up to 9 months in advance to really finish and deliver a wedding dress to you. This length of time may need to be extended considering you may need some alterations to your wedding dress to make it as perfect as possible. What is more, the time you allocate for your wedding dress order should be sufficient enough for your designers to accommodate all the details you want to have on your wedding dress. Those details include the lace, beading, some particular line shapes, or some modification on the train or neckline.

In addition to those reasons above, there is another important reason why you need to start the wedding dress hunt as soon as possible. It is about the budget! You may request a particular wedding dress to your designers and want it to be completed in a short time. Your designer may agree with your request. However, you need to get ready with an additional fee that will be charged to you. Therefore, plan accordingly; add some spare time just in case some things unwanted happen.

Mind Your Shape

Another essential thing in choosing a perfect wedding dress is to carefully consider your shape. In the first appointment with your wedding dress consultant, make sure that you try on a couple of silhouettes so that you can identify which one fits your style best. The best shape can be sexy fit mixed with flare or it can also be the shape of dreamy princess dress. You cannot guess what the best shape of your gown is. You need to try it on.

When you are trying on various gown shapes, there is one point you need to pay attention closer. You need to pay close attention to how a wedding dress fits the type of your body. Also, you need to check whether the dress accentuates the best body features that you have and de-emphasize the parts of your body that make you insecure. Once you can determine that, choosing the right shape of your wedding dress will be a lot easier. To give you an example, you like your narrow wait but you don’t really like your hips. Then a wedding dress in A-line shape is the best choice for you.

In choosing the right shape, there is not golden rule and there is no pattern that is applied to every bride. The one who know your body shape is you yourself. So, know your body better and then decide which dress can help you feel beautiful and confident. These feelings are exactly the ones you have to feel on your big day.

Choose the Right Color for Your Dress

Another element of a wedding dress that you should consider carefully is the color of it. Color does matter. It gives you the feeling of beautiful and confident. The color that can give you such feelings should be the color of your wedding dress. As how silhouette enhances the shape of your body, the hues of the dress fabric will do the same job.

Nowadays, there is a great range of colors, be it the bright colors or the dark ones. The right color can really complement and accentuate the tone of your skin. As an example: if you have fair skin, you should wear white dress as this kind of color can wash out the tone of your skin. Instead, you can go with the tone of warmer ivory.

As how you do in choosing the right shape of your wedding dress, you need to do the same in choosing the best color. Try it on! Try various shades of white to find out which look can complement your overall look best. When trying it on, you need to look at your appearance on that dress in both indoor lighting and also in natural light. Remember that lighting can change how the color of a wedding dress looks.

Be Realistic and Aware of the Budget

Getting a perfect wedding dress is also a matter of being wise and realistic with your wedding budget. Just because you have set aside $1,500 for your wedding dress, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just spend all those bucks for your gown. Remember that buying a dress is not merely about planning, consultation, and shipping it to your home. There is a big chance of you getting charged for tax and also some alterations.

Some salons and designers may not charge you any fee for particular simple alterations. However, most designers and salons will require you to deposit a sum of money that is equal to 50% of the gown price. You may be required to pay with a credit card so that the salons have payments records just in case some issues occur.

It is very understandable when brides feel devastated to know the one and only wedding dress they want cannot be purchased as the dress it too costly for them. That’s why, a right planning for your wedding dress is highly necessary. When planning it, make sure you are realistic enough and really aware of what you can afford and do to bring home your dream wedding dress. Plan ahead monetarily!

Find the Wedding Dress that Can Embody Your Style, Personality, and Shape

Equally important, you also need to consider whether the wedding dresses you have listed in your wish list really embody and represent your style, personality, and shape. You don’t need to copy the style of a wedding dress worn by your favorite artist if that doesn’t feel “you”. You don’t need to imitate the shape of a wedding dress you saw in the TV if that doesn’t feel comfortable and right for you.

Every bride has different and unique style, personality, and shape that need celebrating and so do you. Reflect and identify your personality that you want to channel to other people through your dress and choose the one that looks best on your body shape.

To give you some references, take a look at the following wedding dress styles:

  1. Boho Bride

If you think you are a kind of bride that is free-spirited, you need a wedding dress that is effortless and simple that can move easily with you. The answer to that need is boho style! An example of boho dress that can suit this kind of bride like you is the one with an A-line skirt with floor length.

Wearing this dress, you only need to add a flower garland for your hair and an embellished flat sandal for your feet. This look will certainly bring a sweet, sexy, and sensational look for you.

  1. Glamorous Bride

Are you envisioning a glamorous wedding day? A glamorous wedding dress is what you need then. For a glamorous wedding dress, you can check glamorous Hollywood-inspired dress that usually uses fantastic taffeta and laces. What you can expect from a glamorous wedding dress is an overlook that is elegant and classy.

This kind of wedding dress will suit you best if you plan to hold your wedding party in a boutique hotel or in a chic city. When consulting a glamorous wedding dress with your designer, don’t forget to get the perfect illusion neckline, some crystals details, waist details, and fishtail hem.

  1. Fairytale Bride

Are you fans of magical day in a fairy tale? Opt for fairy tale-themed wedding dress then! This fairytale-themed wedding dress will present your personality perfectly. To choose the best fairytale wedding dress, you can decide what fairytale character you admire and like the most.

One of the easiest characters of fairytale that you can use to choose your wedding dress is one of the iconic princesses of Disney. There are eight Disney princesses to choose from, one of which is Ariel. Once you decide which princess, you can consult the style with your designer to discuss the organza, the cut, and other details of your dreamy dress.

There are still many other wedding dress models that you can choose. What is important here is to be true to yourself so that you can choose the wedding dress that is not only your dream dress but also is channeling the real you. So, when your wedding party guests see your happy moment, they can feel your inner beauty and personality.

Keep Your Mind Open when Trying on a Gown

Another important tip on how to choose the perfect dress is to keep your mind open when trying any dress that you want to try. An open mind can lead you to something that you have never though before. When you come to a salon to see the wedding dress collection, you may think that most of the wedding dresses on the hanger look so-so. If that kind of thought happens to you, remind yourselves that they may look spectacular on your body.

On the flipside, that kind of wedding dress you have been falling in love with may look flat and disappointing in person. It is very possible for a bride who really thinks a ball gown will suit them best but then end up falling in love with a slinky sheath and of course vice versa. Another case would be certain brides who don’t want any beads on their wedding dress can suddenly fall in love with a dress beaded from the head to toe.

So, the point here is to keep your mind open when a new wedding dress model is offered to you especially when it is offered by your designer. Your designer must have had rich experience in choosing the most perfect wedding dress for various kinds of brides. Before purchasing any wedding dress, make sure you have seen it in person and the most importantly you have tried it on.

Last but Not Least, Be You

Always remember that your wedding dress should embody your real personality/your real you. It is understandable that buying dream wedding dress is kind of emotional decision. So, you need to shop feeling like you are having the best version of yourself. By doing this, you can really find out your real feeling in the wedding dress. Also, it will help you picturize how your overall look is later on the big day.

When you meet your wedding dress consultant, be true to yourself by assessing what kind of fashion you always refer to on your daily basis. If you fancy something solids and clean lines, you need to grab a minimalist gown. If you favor quirky, you can purchase vintage-inspired gown. In the process of finding the best gown, you may find some people pointing out which gown is the best for you. No matter what they say, at the end of the day, it is your gown for your big day. It is you who will wear that. It is you who becomes the center of the attention. You need to stick to your feeling and guts.

Of all the tips on how to get a perfect wedding dress, the most important point is that you stay true to yourself. Stay true in choosing any shape, color, model, type, and any details of the dress. Don’t just follow the trend. Follow your feelings instead!