When thinking about weddings, one of the first images to come to mind is the bride in her wedding dress. For any woman, the wedding dress is probably the most important dress she will wear in her life. It has to be perfect, it has to be beautiful and it has to accentuate your beauty. All eyes will be upon you, including those of your husband to be.

But how do you choose the right dress for you? The amount of options available can be overwhelming.

There are a few things to consider before starting your search. Perhaps the main one is what sort of look you want to go for. Do you want something contemporary, or would you prefer a more medieval / princess style look? And what about the shape? Do you like the smooth, straight, sleek look or a tighter corset with lots of layers at the bottom of the dress?

Once you have a picture in mind, experts advise to try on a few dresses all by yourself. It's great to take along friends, family members and supporters later on, but for the moment it is important to find out what suits you and what does not.

We all have different body shapes, and not every dress will make us look as fabulous as we want to. Please do not worry about that. We all have our own beauty. A wedding dress will simply enhance this.

Whilst there, it is helpful to consider the colour of the dress. What looks good with your skin tone? White can make some brides look pale, and make others look stunning. If white is not you and you still want to wear something traditional, what about a creamier colour?

Do not be afraid to go for something completely different. This is your wedding, and you can wear what you want. You will get away with it. You are the bride, it's your day and so long as you feel wonderful, others will agree.

After trying on different styles and different colours, you should have some idea of ​​what to go for. Unfortunately, this is probably the time to consider your budget. Whilst most of us would love a designer dress, it is important to keep in mind that those tend to come at a not insignificant price. If you can not afford that, it's not the end of the world. There are so many other dresses out there that will look just as beautiful, but with a rather less daunting price tag attached to them.

Perhaps you are thinking of designing and creating your dress yourself, or have someone in the family willing and able to do so. This has many advantages, aside from being cost-effective. You'll be able to create the dress of your dreams, just how you want it, and shaped to accentuate all your best features.

If you do truly want that designer dress but can not afford to buy a new one, a once-worn second hand dress is always an option. When considering this, do make sure to check out any alterations made to suit the previous wearer and have a close look at the overall condition of the dress. I recommend trying it on before you buy it, to make sure it's perfect for you.

The Internet can be a convenient source of information, and is great for window shopping. However, it may not be the best place to buy your dress. A picture on a screen is one thing but the dress may look different when you receive it. Also, size labels in wedding dresses can be misleading. Quite often they are smaller fitting than regular clothes. You do not have the advantage of trying it on and seeing how you look in it, testing the quality of the fabric and how well it is made.

Images do not usually show any damage to the dress, nor the fine detail. For all these reasons I recommend considering carefully before taking the step of buying online.

Once you have narrowed down the options and styles, and you have a good idea of ​​what you want to go for, design and budget, it can be helpful to try on dresses in this range and this time take some supporters along. Others may spot what you have not and can help you make that final choice.

However, do not let them coax you into something you do not want. Remember, this is your day, you are the bride, and your dress is your choice. Whatever you choose, I am sure you will shine.

Source by Kit Marsters