The bridal bouquets are one of the prettiest parts of a wedding. You can do some wonderful things with your wedding flowers, especially if you combine different colors and varieties. Here are some tips on how to design beautiful mixed flower bridal bouquets.

Mixing and matching flowers can be intimidating. It is one of those things that looks amazing when done well, but looks like a jumbled mess when it is not. An example of this would be the standard mixed flower bouquets that you find in grocery stores. They are rarely that pretty, and the reason is that they have no cohesive theme, in terms of color, shape, types of flowers, or theme. A few pink carnations, a yellow rose, and some purple mums does not make for a gorgeous bouquet! The lesson to be learned from the unappealing mixed bouquets is not that combining flowers will look bad, just that it has to be approached with a plan to make it all come together into a harmonious whole.

There are a variety of ways in which you can design a bouquet that combines different flowers gracefully. The first of these is color. Decide on one color or color family for the bridal bouquets, and then look for several types of flowers in your chosen color. For instance, let's say that you would like to have pink wedding flowers. You can create lovely bouquets using a mixture of pink roses, hydrangeas, tulips, and sweetpeas. Notice how all of those flowers are not only similar in color, but also in feeling; traditional, in this case. This would be the type of bouquet that would be perfect for a bride who is wearing a classic bridal gown with cultured pearl earrings and a long veil.

Using the same color family, pink, you could create wedding bouquets with an entirely different flavor by making different flower selections. A contemporary bride could carry a bouquet featuring chic pink calla lilies and orchids, perhaps accented by an interesting green like bear grass. Think about the scale of your flowers, as well. Mini calla lilies can be mixed in with the standard sized ones for additional visual interest.

Another way to successfully combine flowers into a beautiful bouquet is to select ones that are different colors and varieties, but which have a theme in common. For instance, in Scandinavia, it is customary to carry a bouquet featuring many fragrant herbs along with flowers. You could create a lovely bouquet by mixing rosemary, lavender, purple wildflowers, and soft lamb's ear leaves. Or you could go an entirely different direction and make a beach theme bouquet. Mix together bright tropical flowers in shades of hot pink, orange, and yellow for the perfect accessory for a destination wedding.

When looking for ways in which to create pretty mixed flower bouquets, also think about layering in non-floral elements. A very traditional bridal bouquet is one made from white roses, white tulips, and white stephanotis. The tiny star shaped stephanotis are usually accented with pearl tipped pins through the center of each one, which is such a sweet detail for a bride who is wearing cultured pearl earrings and pearl necklace. A multi-colored mixed bouquet could be made even more cheerful with the addition of gossamer sheer fabric butterflies tucked into the flowers. Special details such as these will help to give your bridal bouquet a wonderfully harmonious feeling, even when it includes a variety of different elements.

Source by Bridget Mora