Choosing the wedding rings is an important part of the preparations for your big day. It can be simple enough to find the perfect rings, but with so many choices available, there are a few things you might want to consider.

First of all, you need to make sure the size is right. That sounds like it should go without saying, but if you are choosing the ring for someone else, do make sure you have the correct measurements. It is embarrassing for all involved if that moment of exchanging rings is marked by a ring that's too small, or even too large.

The fit needs to be comfortable. Not too loose so that it might slide off (and get lost) and not too tight, leaving a bit of room for those moments when fingers might swell a bit, during pregnancy for example.

If the wedding ring is going to be worn alongside the engagement ring, it is best to choose one that matches, or at least makes for a pleasing combination.

If you are choosing for a partner, make sure you know their preferences. Not every woman likes a big stone, or the colour of gold. It really is best to take them along, or have them state their preferences. The ring is an important symbol, and something to be worn for the rest of their life.

If you or your partner do a lot of physical labour, it is best to go for a broader, heavier band. This can avoid damage to your wedding ring – it will be able to withstand more. It is also more practical in this case to have a smooth band, and / or a stone that fits into the band, rather than on top of it. If there's a lot of risk of the stone getting caught on something, there is a chance of losing it, so a smooth surface is the better option there.

Many people love an engraved wedding ring. If this is the case for you and your partner, a more classic style band would be suitable. This tends to allow room for engraving.

If you want something modern, celtic and patterned styles are quite fashionable. However, the classic style seems timeless in its appeal.

Another option is to choose a ring that symbolises not only your commitment to the other, but also something additional, such as an interest you both share, a certain moment of time in your relationship or something that has a special meaning to you both. This makes the ring all the more unique, and all the more you.

Source by Kit Marsters