Face it; when it comes to choices in life, buying a wedding ring is one of the most important ones you will ever make. When you're buying a wedding ring, it's extremely important to keep your bride-to-be in mind at all times. After all, it's her finger. If you want the ring to be a surprise, ask for input from your family, her family, and anyone else you think might have a good opinion. Snoop. Browse your future wife's favorite websites and bridal magazines to get a basic understanding of her dream ring. You could speak with your intended's mother, sister, friend, or someone else close to her who can take her shopping an get an idea for you without ruining the surprise.

If you shop alone and are not sure what style she wants, buy just the stone, make an appointment with the jeweler to return later for a setting, and pop the question using a dime-store ring. After she's accepted, go back and pick out a setting together.

If she does not like the wedding ring you picked out, do not panic. Get a basic setting with an understanding from the jeweler that you can come back and trade up.

If you decide to go shopping together, discuss such issues as budget, style, and stones. You can expect to pay about $ 2,500 to $ 3,500 per half carat for a quality diamond. The final price will depend on several factors, including the diamond's size – larger diamonds are rare, and therefore more valuable. Despite the old adage that a wedding ring should be worth two months' salary, if you can not afford it, go for a simpler design that can be dressed up with the wedding band. If you're looking for a ring with an extra special feature, use the stone from a family heirloom to make a unique and less expensive ring she'll treasure.

Choose wedding rings that will complement each other. You want the rings to look like they were made for each other, just like you and your bride. Once you've chosen the bands, have the wedding date engraved on the inside (this also ensures that you will never forget your anniversary.) If there's space, other sentiments may be added.

A wedding ring is the perfect symbol of your love for each other, and it should be carefully chosen to meet the needs and desires of your bride-to-be. Good luck, and congratulations! You've just chosen the perfect wedding ring.

Source by Amanda Trevino