The principle of selection: the selection of diamonds "4 C": cutting (cut), color (color), purity (clarity) and carat (carat weight). This is the identification of diamond quality and value focus.

Cutting: Cutting is one of the only man-made factors. A skilled diamond cutters make a good drilling ore dazzling, he can shine within the maximum reflection of diamonds to the surface. Teachers should be cut as it was cutting about as if in a mirror-like symmetry.

An ideal cut diamonds should be round in shape, and there are 58 clear of the cutting edge, it could maximize the light reflection. The poor-quality diamonds may be cut because it wants to retain its maximum weight and cut too deep or shallow, so do not let it luster. Polishing technology diamond will have an impact on the quality of cutting a perfect symmetry of the diamond polishing may not reduce value.

Color: in a number of large jewelry store will be on display for some contrast to the diamond, they will be a variety of color grading diamonds Liecheng a row to help customers control, because customers can not distinguish between diamonds to the naked eye color. Diamond color to the colorless for the most superior, with the yellow followed by gradually deepening.

Purity: On the whole, the value of the diamond decided to defect. More accurate to say that depends on the mineral drilling in the number of impurities.

Kt: carat diamond was considered to be the measure of the value of the decisive criteria. When someone says to buy 2-carat diamond, people will find hard to believe. In fact, the diamond cutting, and color purity and weight of the value of the diamonds are of equal importance. Cutting a bad Colors Pianhuang flawed and the 2-carat diamond to be much lower than the value of a perfect cut, clean and transparent diamond. As a result, the weight of the diamond is not a decision of the value of diamonds a major factor. The jeweler out of the diamond to tell you the weight of accuracy is very important. Therefore, at the time of purchase so that your jeweler on the spot to measure the weight of diamonds, jewelers do not want to do, then go to other stores.

Mosaic: mosaic is also very important. Mosaic will not cause a lot of trouble, it might make off the diamond. Therefore, at the time of purchase to see whether the bracket firmly in the phase of diamonds and the adequacy of the Department thick.

Shape: The market is now more and more models, jewelry designers are also innovative. However, compared with the classic style is round, oval, and square-shaped pearls. The diamond shape on the whole does not affect the value and quality. On the contrary, it reflects the pre-cut diamonds in the shape of the original.

Written: a diamond should have to prove the authenticity, and it demonstrates that the quality of the diamond, weight, cutting technology. This is what you buy to ensure that the diamond ring.

Advice: Diamond to pick as much as possible the election of more than 0.20 kt, as only 0.20 karats of diamonds for more than a diamond in order to begin to be felt "color of fire", following 0.20 karats of diamonds due to too small to show the diamonds optical effect is not obvious, Almost can not see. The words have the ability to choose the best diamond for more than 25 hours, more than 25 minutes of the diamond "color of fire," began to seem obvious.

Source by Dong Chuanmin