If you go to your wedding florist, they will usually show you a catalogue for some ideas. There are so many types of flowers and bouquet styles to select from, so how do you know what you should look out for?

Asking yourself these few questions may help though!

What’s your body size?

For my wedding, I chose a posy of red and cream roses adorned with white feathers. I am considered small and petite, so a round posy bouquet suits me. Actually my first choice was hand-tied calla lilies, but because of my height, I had to give up the idea because they looked pretty odd on me! I realized a round bouquet looks more balanced for my body size and it actually complements my look instead. Remember, your first choice of bouquet may not be the best choice, it makes sense to get something which will look good on you instead. With all eyes on you at your wedding, it’s a costly mistake to make if everything else is perfect except your bouquet!

However if you are tall and lanky, a cascading type of bouquet or a hand-tied one will suit you better. Do not go for the round one as it will make you look even taller. With heels that pile on the height on the actual day, it may make you look like you tower over your hubby, especially if he is of about the same height as you.

If you are slightly on the heavy side, a cascading one will help you look slimmer on your wedding day. You will be surprised that the unique shape of the bouquet being round at the top and ending with a pointy bottom does wonders for your body shape!

Is there any colour theme for your wedding?

Choose the type of flowers that will complement your colour theme, especially the colour of your wedding gown. For brides who are wearing ivory or white gowns, it is a lot easier as most flowers will match. However, if you are wearing bolder colours like purple or pink, flowers that are of the same colour group but in different shades will look pleasant to the eye. Always remember, the rule of the thumb is to match. The bouquet should not look like a sore thumb against your wedding dress and get your guests talking for the wrong reasons.

When is your wedding held?

Certain types of flowers are seasonal, so depending on the month your wedding is, you may not be able to get them even if its your favourite bloom! Some typical all year round flowers are roses, lilies, gardenias, freesias, gerbera daisies, etc. If you wish to choose flowers like hydrangeas, tulips, they may not be available at your free will, so ask your florist for advice and plan ahead in advance!

Source by Angela Tay