You may have stumbled upon those white wedding dresses offered by many designers. You know you do want something extraordinary for your wedding dress but every dress choice seems to be similar to each other. Well, you may not have come across gothic wedding dress. Find out how gothic wedding dress can help you gorgeously stand out on your special day!

Black Wedding Dress

As how many people will relate goth with black color, this black wedding dress can really be a party stopper. What is great from this black goth wedding dress is its ability to adapt to any type of occasions, including the traditional ones. This dress is done with chiffon, while the waist part is done with lovely rhinestone. As you can see from the picture, this dress is made in A-line style, meaning that this goth dress can suit many different brides.

Romantic Gothic Wedding Dress

Gothic can leave another impression rather than creepy. Look at the dress in the picture turning the bride into a romantic person. This dress features the element of frothy, Gothic undertones, skirt in tiered tulle, and bodice in embroidery. What makes this dress even more gorgeous is the one found at the back of the dress which is the lace up. All of the elements of the dress will surely leave a deep impression to your guests.

Black and Red Wedding Dress

Bored of white and black but still want to use gothic theme? Why not trying this gothic dress in red and black? This dress, done in Victorian Gothic style, is complemented with a halter in red attached at the top of the dress. There is also a lace up at the top of the dress where you can find a corset. This gives the dress more Gothic feel. To make most of your Gothic look, give your hair an up do!

Short Gothic Wedding Dress

Not favoring floor length dress? Worry not! Go with this short gothic wedding dress! This short dress is just as adorable as the long ones. This gothic short wedding dress comes with a dark purple color, a strapless style, and a corset lase up. The good news about this short gothic dress is: not only can it be used as your wedding dress; it can also be used for your bridesmaids.

Black, white, red, purple, or other colors, gothic theme leaves a different and special impression to whoever sees it. Gothic wedding dress is no longer for Goths. It has been more widely used by more and more brides who want to be one of a kind bride.