Selecting wedding flowers can sometimes be very exciting and at times very stressful. With the help of a wedding planner or a designer, you can reduce your stress and enjoy the moment.

A decoration for your best day ceremony and reception depends mainly on the personal budget and preferences. Hence, you can always pick from the most traditional styles of flowers which are hand tied bouquets with a little bit of European flavor which is sweet and romantic or you can go in for the Victorian or even choose the exotic and funky flowers. Bridal bouquets can be as simple as one flower or to a big, long, renaissance creation (but remember this renaissance bouquet can be very heavy).

Funky flowers are for those brides who want to add a little bit of zing to their wedding day. Something really different, which can be cherished. Funky flowers are really bright and refreshing. Unusual blooms remind us about the amazing exotic flowers. All these funky long lasting flowers can be dried and used later in a dried flower arrangement.

Flowers are one of the most important visual elements in a wedding and should always compliment and not overpower the wedding dress or the bridesmaid's dress. Wedding flowers always create a colorful impact on a wedding.

Choosing a style – So create lasting memories with the help of nature. You can use your favorite ideas and creative skills to put together an elegant floral bouquet. Flowers should compliment the wedding gown with the style and color or it can even compliment the wedding theme.

o All white bridal wedding bouquet- For an elegant and sophisticated formal look you can create an all white flower bouquet. White flowers such as roses and lilies can come in many shades of white and this bouquet will go well with the white wedding theme.

o Rainbow colors- Rich colors generally stand out and draw attention towards the bride. So choose flower colors that can enhance the wedding décor and the bridesmaid's dresses. You have the option of selecting from the spectrum of flower colors including the soft pinks to the rich cranberry and the delicate mauve. While selecting colorful flowers, match the flowers to the dresses so that it looks subtle or if you want to call for attention then you can go funky and select contrasting tones.

o Buds beauty- Select flower buds that look like oval berries sometimes it looks more beautiful then the opened blooms. If combined with long stems or in clusters they accent a bridal bouquet.

o Hand tied bouquet- For an elegant custom look you can have a hand tied bridal bouquet. You may have to keep this bouquet in water till it is used or it may not remain fresh.

Source by Karen Lincoln