Are you planning to hold your wedding party in winter? Then don’t forget to put extra attention to the wedding dress! Surely, you cannot just run your fingers through the catalog and point at random design. You have to make sure that the bride and groom don’t get any frostbite in the end of the procession!

A Lace Wedding Dress For Dancing Bride

After the formal wedding ceremonial, it won’t be wrong for the groom and bride to hit the dance floor. If you also include dancing as part of the party, then the wedding dress needs a little modification. Don’t give up on the idea of highlighting your curve. Believe it or not, you only need additional laces on torso area. As for the sleeves, adopt the cascading style instead of any of those arm-restricting models.

The Greek Style of Winter Lace Wedding Dress

If you are a fan of historical movie, greek style will emerge the image of simple cut gown, backless, sleveless and tied with a simple string around the neck. Neat rumple in chest area is held on its place with a simple silvery ribbon on the waist. Is it impossible to make it a winter wedding dress? Not at all. You just need to add the laces and turn them into illusion sleeves.

Classic Gown With Laces for Winter Wedding

You have to admit that not every bride loves glamorous concept. In this case, you could suggest the classic concept with much less shiny accessories. Take the cap sleeve bodice for the upper dress. The laces will be the only decoration, embedded on the shoulders to the back area. The skirt part takes simpler approach with plain white or silvery color, slightly expanding before loosely drops to the floor. Connect the waist with white ribbon.

Elegant Lace Wedding Dress

Looking for the balance of elegance and simplicity? Then try to mix and match the broken white wedding gown with greenish lace. The gown itself wrap the torso with its diagonal rumple design. There is no need to tie any ribbon on the waist, as the rest of the fabric fall effortlessly, covering the bride feet. The spectacular effect lies on the lace wedding jacket, which make V pattern down to the chest.

Since laces will always have holes in its formation, many couples are skeptical about wearing those pretty accessories for their winter wedding. Well, as long as you know which laces to choose, there will be nothing to worry about! At last, be the eye candy couple and embrace the happy moment!