There are a lot of issues in wedding preparation. One of them is when the bride cannot get her favorite dress because of the high price. Well, this single problem won’t stop the big day to come. The good news is there are plenty of less pricey wedding gowns available. They even have wide variant to choose from.

Sweet Shoulder Beads

Don’t lose the wow effect in the wedding gown. The white fabric might wrap the bride’s body loosely, but the star is in the shoulder jacket. Covering half of the arms, the beads add the glam of the wedding dress. It consists of white, silvery and black beads. Pairing them with another shiny accessories like oversized earring would be great. Tie the bride’s hair up; let the guests admire the glow from the beads while they are showered by lights.

Long Sleeves And Lace

Another solution for budget wedding dress is mix matching. Instead of purchasing the whole wedding dress set, what about the skirt only? For the top, you can have long sleeves shirt with full neck design. Pair it with a mid long whole lace skirt. Tuck the shirt inside and roll the sleeves up to the elbows. Don’t forget the white stone earrings for both ear lobes. Long story short, now the bride is ready for her wedding day.

Lines And Layered

Who said that single-material wedding dress can’t be luxurious? The following model is playing on the lines on the neck line and the edges of the skirts. The bodice has straight line cut, exposing the bride’s beautiful shoulder. The waist band is thin, sweetly wrap the upper waist with its classic pattern. The skirt itself is layered, each edges is highlighted with white ribbon. This dress suits the bride with small waist best.

Lace Top and Long Skirt

Purchasing two pieces of wedding dress might not be as expensive as the whole dress. The design is quite pleasing to the eyes, too. The top and bottom are made of similar fabric; lace. For the top, it elaborates full neck design, cap shoulder cut and wavy lace edges. As for the skirt, it is mid long, which means the bride could show off her ankle as well as dragging the tail on the floor.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to pull out all the cash you have in order to give the best impression. There are more than ten ways to greet your wedding guests gracefully without laying your head to the bank for the following months. Run your fingers on the choices and see how they could fit your budget.