Flowers not only help in beautification of the event but also provide a large business to different industries today. Across cultures among the ancient times and in modern times today weddings are accompanied by different variety of flowers. The usage has increased to a level that it has now become an integral part of the weddings. Flowers are employed not only as part of the customs (decorating the bride and the groom) but also to several other art types in wedding such as gate art, stage art, vedi art, car art and among others. The flower arrangement is an easy appearing task but serves to be the toughest job handled by anyone in the market. It takes trained labor that specializes in the arrangement of the flower, commonly called as flouriest. The flouriest is the person who is delegated for any requirement of a flower arrangement in weddings or any other event.

To provide a brief introduction to flower arrangement that could be applied to any of the art as discussed earlier like car art, stage art, vedi art, gate art and among others we may like to study the format in brief. The flower arrangement is an art, to day in the market the basic shapes that are followed are, Horizontal arrangement. In horizontal flower arrangement the focus lies on the horizontal shape. Using the container one needs to establish a shape by placing the flowers around and latter once the horizontal shape is formed the spaced area can be filled with the floral.

The next commonly used flower arrangement is Vertical arrangement used for vase and bouquets in the weeding. It can be achieved by placing the vase or a firm based foam and adding flower to it. Here the tallest of the flowers are used first to set the shape and then the space left over is covered by the floral fillings. Next in the row would be commonly used triangular shape where the complete bunch appears in the shape of triangle and is mainly used in the wall hanging decoration of the stage art or car art however it can be applied to different areas as well. Apart from these there are several other arrangement like Crescent where the shape of the curve crescent is formed, oval following the shape of “O”, Minimal arrangement to avoid crowded area of floral and use minimal flowers major employed in the vedi art of flower arrangement.

The above gives the reader an introduction to the flower arrangement applied in the different area of the wedding and common life. However it is recommended that while organizing an event or a function one cold seek professional available in the market. Today there are some of the companies ruined that not only help arrangement of the wedding but also help takes care of different arrangements of the wedding that includes flower arrangement as well. However the choice lies in the hands of an individual either they could take the package from the event manager or consult a flouriest that would provide a complete solution to the flower arrangement for the event stating from the gate art to the vedi art.

Source by Davis John