Among so many designs for wedding dresses, mermaid line with its fishtail is spectacular idea to wear. It shapes your body while it gives a little drama on its tail. If you love this design and you want to wear it on your big day, the following designs will blow your mind. Check this out.

  1. Simple Tulle Tail

This dress is already splendid on the top. It wears the most elegant and nice patterned lace with spaghetti strings and heart shaped neck line. Meanwhile, the tail features several layers of soft tulle that go longer on the back. While the top is well patterned, the tail is plain and simple, making the dress a perfect balance and gorgeous couture.

  1. Super Sexy Fishtail Dress

This dress is sexy all the way. While it features low v neckline and low back as well, you will love the lace patterns it gets. The details make the dress a romantic piece with elegant finish to admire. Meanwhile, the tail gets a little flower details on the top and it goes plain below. To make it easier for you to walk in that dress, the dress offers you high front you can split.

  1. Fishtail of Ruffles

The heart shaped bustier is pretty and classic, making the fishtail detail a modern detail to balance your look. While it features blush shade, the crystals make the dress an elegant outfit. The best detail of the dress is the ruffles fishtail. It looks puffy and lovely while it is dramatic and making the dress looks bigger than it is.

  1. Boho-Like Elegant Fishtail Dress

While this dress will make a great fit for a Bohemian wedding, it will make a perfect couture in a ballroom as well. The shiny fabric makes an elegant silhouette of the dress while the low v neckline adds some sexiness in it. The fishtail look light and flaring, making a dramatic addition on the dress.

  1. Full Lace Fishtail Dress

This dress a perfect combination of perfect shape and fabric combined together. This dress features full lace on it, while it also has long sleeves and full neckline. Don’t worry. It won’t be hot as it has a low back cut on it. The dress follows your body shape while the fishtail is drawn from there, down to a rather long tail. It is dramatic and chic at the same time.

Depending on your personal style, an old design of fishtail wedding dress can rock your appearance. Use one of those designs for some inspiration.