If you have decided to buy a ring with a diamond setting, then look out for its cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. There are different grades of diamonds and they vary in size, so see which suits your budget. There are different types of settings and they suit different types of hands. The cut can make any diamond look smaller or bigger. While choosing an engagement ring, you will find different sizes and shapes of diamonds, cut in different ways. There are step cuts, cushion shapes, round cuts and many more options. The best cut is one that brings out its qualities and makes the stone look even more radiant.

So, what are the different shapes?

Round shaped diamonds

This circular diamond is the most popular shape. Paired with a brilliant cut, ie when the faucets in the stone are triangular, they radiate the most amount of light and the diamond sparkles more than ever. Seven out of every ten diamonds sold are round brilliant diamonds.

Oval shaped diamonds

Opt for a platinum setting; this shape is perfect when flanked with other stones. The brilliant cut is most suited for this shape. Its elongated shape makes the hand look long and slender.

Marquise Diamonds

This diamond is sharp at both ends and resembles an almond. You can judge the quality of the stone by the visibility of a 'bow' like structure that appears in the centre of the stone. In the olden days, the stone was made to resemble the dashing smile of Marquise de Pompadour and custom made by Louis XIV.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

As the name suggests, the heart shaped diamond is the most romantic stone of them all. This diamond is usually cut from a round shaped solitaire diamond. Because of this, some of the carat weight is lost. The bottom may be sharp or blunt. It usually needs an extra prong setting at the bottom. Look out for streamlined shape.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

A favourite for earrings and neck pieces, this shape combines the best attributes of the oval and Marquise diamonds. It is a perfect choice for women with average length fingers. It resembles a raindrop and looks great when complimented with a dual band setting.

Trillion Diamonds

This stone is triangular in shape and can be very deceptive. Thanks to its cut, it looks like it has more carat weight that it really does. These diamonds can be used as a centre stone, but also compliment a round brilliant stone with aplomb. It can have rounded corners as opposed to sharper edges, like a conventional triangle.

Rectangular and square cut diamonds

These diamonds include the emerald and princess cuts. An emerald cut is when the sides of the stone look like they have been clipped off. The princess cut diamond is square or rectangle with many dazzling facets. Rectangular shaped diamonds are not always proportionate. You'll see some stones with their sides twice as long as the shorter sides. The Asher cut is a vintage variation of the rectangular and square diamonds. It looks like an octagon.

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Source by Garth Norton