When a couple is celebrating their happy moments, they shouldn’t forget about the bridesmaid! Standing together in front of the altar, these beautiful ladies usually appears with similar uniform. The rule is simple; the dress must be pretty without overpowering the bride. This simple wish is more than possible as long as you know what kind of look you are aiming for.

Sequined Dresses

Is the bride a fan of shiny and classy thing? Then pick sequined fabric as the basic material. It has explicit blinking beads, and will look extremely glamorous under the sun light or night lighting. There is also the softer option, made from fine shiny beads. With various color to choose from, it should not be difficult to find the perfect tone. Sleeveless and body fit gown would be the best model to try.

Printed Fabric Dresses

Do you think that going plain is too boring? Then consider the printed fabric dresses. The most popular design picked for wedding occasion is floral. Later on, the flower bouquet could be coordinated with the flower tone printed on the fabric. To compliment the floral concept, the bridesmaid could tie their hair, exposing the neck. A flower crown is great hair tie, too. If the bride agrees to this option, then outdoor party would be preferable.


For those gorgeous bridesmaid ladies, there is an option that will highlight how pretty they are. A fabric called chiffon is a great match. It wraps every body curve as it is, and fall loosely to the ground. Depending on the colors, the dress could fit to either lunch or dinner party. Light and pastel color best suited for lunch, while the dark one will glow more in dinner occasion. The bridesmaid could also experiment with the hairstyle.

Tulle Mix Match

Considering the rule that suggest the bridesmaid not to overpower the bride, they then should have different look and vibe. Since most wedding dress pick one tone only, the other women could take two tones. For example, simple white tank top combined with soft toned tulle skirt.

Even though the bridesmaid could wear the short one, for wedding occasion the longer one is much more acceptable. If accessories are a must, then add a flower crown. Don’t forget to slip some flower buds with similar color in between.

A wedding ceremony won’t be complete without the presence of the bridesmaid. Just like the bride, they are expected to walk graciously. Remember: don’t go outside the concept. Instead, design a chic gown and make your pick from these recent popular styles!