Engagement rings hold a sentimental place in every bride’s heart, especially if they stand out from the crowd because they are totally unique to her. After all, when you wear a unique ring, no-one else has exactly the same one.

Unique rings can buck the fashion trend by combining classic styling with contemporary or unusual engagement gemstones, such as pearls or opals. They may be classic in styling, but use unusual metals, such as rose gold. Or they may be traditional solitaire diamond rings set into traditional gold, but with unusual styling to the band. Or they may combine all of these elements and have unusual gemstones set into untraditional metals with unique band designs.

One of a kind rings do not fit easily into any fashion trend, making them difficult to date (without looking at the hallmarks of course!). This gives them timeless beauty.

Whatever you decide, a unique engagement ring is going to be perfect for you, or why would you choose it? It is something different from the usual out of the box ring many of your co-workers will have settled for. It says something personal about the two of you.

So how can you get a unique ring for yourself? You can find a one of a kind engagement jewelry in one of two main ways.

Firstly, consider using an antique ring as your engagement ring. By definition, antique rings are over 100 years old, although the term is colloquially used for rings more than 50 years old. The older the ring, the more unique it will be because back in the days when it was made, machine tooling was uncommon, the materials were slightly different and different cuts (such as the antique cut) were more commonly used to shape the gemstones. Because jewelry was hand made back then, every ring of this age is unique.

On the downside, antique rings can be difficult to come by; even more so if you want a particular gemstone in your ring. You will not find an antique tanzanite ring anywhere in the world, for example, unless this recently discovered gemstone has been reset into an antique setting. So, unless you have a family heirloom, such as your great grandma’s ring, an antique ring may not be for you.

If you want a brand new, totally unique ring, the only real option open is to create your own engagement ring together with the help of a jeweler with an in-house work-shop. Custom jewelers will also be able to help with the design aspect of your special ring, if you need it.

Source by Elizabeth Henderson