Many pieces of jewelry are simply purchased to be worn on an occasional basis when the owner thereof opts to put them on. Two exceptions to the rule include engagement rings and wedding rings which are worn on a more frequent basis. These two types of rings have many favorable attributes surrounding them such as the meaning behind the wearing of such items. The following will provide some information on these special jewelry items.

Meaning Behind the Giving of the Rings

When one gives an engagement ring to a loved one these days they are asking that individual to marry them. They are promising a lifelong union in which they will be true and devoted. This ring is usually only worn by the bride-to-be. The wedding ring symbolizes the actual union of the two individuals and is worn by both spouses in most cases. Both rings symbolize love, affection and devotion.

Styles of Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Both come in a variety of styles. If you are searching for an antique type of ring this is easily achieved by going to a local antique jeweler or shopping for one online. For those who are searching for a more contemporary style of ring this type of jewelry can be found in even more places such as jewelry stores, department stores or via online websites.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are available in various metal compositions. Some of the more popular types of metals used in the creation of engagement rings and wedding rings include white gold, yellow gold, platinum and titanium. Diamonds are often the centerpiece of engagement rings whereas they are less readily seen in wedding bands although the number of nuptial rings which have diamonds inlaid within them is increasing in number. When all is said and done, no matter what style you are searching for it is sure to be found in a jewelry store, online or may even be handcrafted for you.

Making the Rings Even More Special

An additional way in which couples are making their engagement and wedding bands even more special is to add a uniqueness factor to them. With regard to engagement rings, the bride to be can have a ring with a uniquely colored diamond in it or baguettes surrounding the band. As for the wedding bands, the couple can choose to get matching bands with sayings engraved on the inside to be truly unique. Having an engraved quote or statement of love on the inside of the wedding band makes it so that it will always be there whenever the individual wants to be reminded of the true love which went into the selection of the rings.

Buying the Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

When buying these unique rings you should consider whether you want to purchase them together or separately. If you decide to get everything together you may be able to save money on the entire purchase as opposed to what it would cost to buy the three rings separately. Also, by purchasing the wedding bands and engagement ring together you will be able to match all three rings accordingly and have the final look be a complete match.

Source by James Greene