Women all like to be praised as charming and elegant. At the same time, women want to be the best one on her wedding. Therefore, being a stunner on her weddings is the highest honor of her whole life.

In the past, lace has always played the supporting roles of the wedding dresses. However, laces stand out from a new way and added sexy features. It’s a great breakout this year. The European handmade lace of fine texture and fine workmanship become the trend.

Being different from the past ordinary lace, this kind of new lace is quite delicate which has a strong feeling of three-dimensional. Handmade make sure that it is made carefully and own high quality.

On the basis of the original lace, designers like to add some pearl, golden or silver silk thread or ironed diamond at some place. Those make the wedding dress noble and the wedding gowns can be changed with the different temperament of different brides.

Slim and tight waist is the main feature of sexy wedding dresses. Now the designers create more styles by solid cutting application. Traditional long-tail, big skirt and pompon skirt are not the only choices. The above-ankle skirt and bare ankle become the new trend among brides.

What’s more, the new kind of wedding dresses being added gauze, when she walks, the gauze dances in the breeze which makes the bride wit, vivacity and elegant.

The accessories of brides are very exaggerating this year. The hottest headdress are flower style and streamlined diamond, etc. some of them are even shade half of the bride’s head.

Dazzling pearls and shinning diamond help the bride to be more charming and moving. Concise and elegant style makes the bride more elegant.

The white wedding dress is no longer the only one; the other colors are used in the bridal designs these years. They are solemn and elegant. Bride would like to choose ivory, cream and other soft colors.

Pink is popular last year, while this year gold and pinkish purple are the trend. The former is gorgeous and the latter is grace, all are top choices.

Of course, you have to remember the choice of wedding dress is according to the bride’s color and temperament. The aim of the wedding dress is to highlight the beauty of the bride.

Source by Michael Ivan