If you are hunting for a plus size wedding dress, you know things can get a little tough. It is not about the fact that most salons don’t sample the full figure designs, but there are so many details to think about. You need to decide on silhouette, fabrics, and trends as well. Check out the following points to get you to the right direction.  

  • Don’t: Choose Flimsy Material

Flimsy fabrics refer to fabrics that are thin. These fabrics tend to magnify even the tiniest detail and skim the body wearing it. This can be flattering for over skinny bride, but this is not your best friend. In alternative, choose fabrics that actually flatter plus size body shape.

Several options to consider include duchess satin, lace, organza, and taffeta. These fabrics adds elegance and gives flattering silhouette without skimming your body or magnifying the details added on the dress.

  • Do: Go for Mermaid Gown or Dropped Waist

Dropped waist dress actually accentuates plus size bride. You may think that you don’t have a waist and it doesn’t matter. A top bodice will give it to you. When you combine dropped waist and corseted top, it creates a flattering as well as sexy look at the same time.

The same concept explains why mermaid gown is perfect for a plus size bride. Mermaid wedding dress allows you to get fit top and narrow waist while it offers flare and fullness at the bottom. This doesn’t only flatter your body shape, it actually adds sophistication on your figure.

  • Do: Go for A Line Dress

The secret of a flattering plus size weeding dress is the A-line design. Why? A-line dress starts the waist right below the bust line. From there, the dress starts to go down in an A-line. This silhouette is graceful while discreet at the same time. It is an ideal silhouette for bride who looks for a full coverage.

For more sophisticated look, a bride can look for an empire waist. It is discreet and flattering while it is elegant and nice to look at as well.

  • Don’t: Betray Your Personality

The main key of pulling off any wedding dress is by loving the dress and it won’t happen unless the bride actually loves the dress. For a perfect choice, you need to add details that actually show your personalities. If you are a casual and fun person, a simple and unique bow should be a great detail to add.

All embellishments come to plus size dresses as well. The only key in expressing your personality will be don’t go too much and keep it in asymmetrical pattern as it is more artistic and flattering.

  • Do: Prefer on Pleated Details

According to Terry Hall of Kleinfeld Bridal, ruching details like pleats always flatter regardless your height and body shape. For plus size wedding dress, it is preferable to choose asymmetrical pleats that actually bring vertical and balance look on the dress. This detail leads people to look at your face directly and to get great impression of the dress.

As a sophisticated alternative, you can prefer on gathered skirt on one side. It delivers the asymmetrical detail while it adds accent on the dress. It flatters your body shape while it gives people exactly the impression you want them to have.

There is no reason for not loving your body shape. The key for ultimate look in a wedding dress is always on how you choose. For plus size, it is extremely important to flatter your body shape and accentuate your best features. Follow those guides above, and pull of you plus size wedding dress!