A wedding without flowers is for most people unimaginable. But when you are on a budget and you have to deal with flower arrangements yourself, then it can be very helpful to know the basics of how to treat flowers.

Buying and Processing Bulk wedding flowers

For brides buying wedding flowers online is as easy as the click of a button. But how to get good product is the question. Good florists know that quality flowers are shipped in a “cold chain” which means they are kept cold from the time they leave the farms until they arrive at the shop. That’s why it is highly suggested to buy from a quality flower farm and not from a flower broker who is just a middle man.

But before the you can start to create wonderful arrangements for you wedding, here is one tip which will make sure you don’t make one of the biggest DIY mistakes right out of the gate which is cutting flowers the wrong way. Have plenty of flower pockets on hand and make sure they are clean and ready to use. A good idea is to mix your flower food ahead of time and let it stand for a couple of days. This is even recommended, because it allows the chlorine, which sometimes can be found in some cities and processed waters, to dissipate out. Make also sure you measure and stir carefully, because adding to much flower food is almost as bad as not having any at all.

Cutting your wedding flowers the right way

Before cutting the flowers make sure to clean the stems that they are rinsed off any dirt or leave debris. Always cut flowers under water. Make sure that the knife is sharp and again, cut under water because the first gulp a flower takes up the stem should be water and not air otherwise air buckets can form at the top and cause droopy flowers. If you want to cut several at once, either use floral snips, bunch cutters or even pruners. What ever you choose, don’t use house hold flower scissors, because they can do more damage than good to flower stems.

With cutting flowers the right way you already are a big step closer to impress your wedding guests with your own wonderful flower decorations.

Source by Anjo Von Auen