Planning a wedding is an exciting time for couples. There's choosing the dress, deciding where to have the ceremony and reception, and choosing the perfect wedding bands. The wedding bands are lifelong symbols of a couple's love and devotion so it's a good idea to make sure you know what to look for before shopping. Knowing your options will make it easier to find perfect diamond wedding rings, no matter what you're looking for.

Metal Choices

Platinum is one of the most popular metal choices for all jewelry, including diamond rings. But, this is not the only metal couples can choose from. Other popular metals include palladium and 14K or 18K white or yellow gold.

Because men are typically rougher on their jewelry, many men's wedding bands are available in stronger materials. Some of these materials include stainless steel and tungsten. If you're someone who works with your hands often, it may be a good idea to consider one of these sturdier materials.

Special Finishes And Fits

Wedding bands are the pieces of jewelry worn most often so it's important to find one that is comfortable. This is especially important for men, since most men are not used to wearing jewelry. Luckily, many jewelers offer comfort fit wedding bands. These bands have special rounded inside edges so they're more comfortable and easy to get used to wearing. After wearing one for a couple of weeks, you'll forget you have it on and it will even feel strange when you take it off.

Couples can choose from a variety of finishes, depending on personal style and taste. Some of the most popular finishes are hammered, satin, and Florentine.

A hammered finish is one that looks like it has been pounded on with a hammer. The finish is textured and multifaceted. The look is unique and was once considered one of a kind, though these days most hammering is now done by a machine.

A satin finish is a semi-glossy finish. This is achieved when the jewelry is scored with tiny, shallow parallel lines on the metal. This reduces the metal's natural shine and gives it a beautiful semi-glossy finish somewhere between a matte and shiny surface.

A Florentine finish is achieved by intersecting sets of parallel lines scratched into the metal. This creates a textured surface with deeper cuts than in a satin finish.

Matching An Engagement Ring

Many couples choose to match diamond wedding rings to the bride's engagement ring. The engagement ring is usually the first piece of wedding jewelry a couple purchases and many diamond rings have coordinating wedding bands to make it easy to match.

Couples can match these jewelry pieces in a variety of ways. They can choose to match just the bride's diamond rings since those two are usually worn together or they can match the bride's diamond rings with the groom's band. If the wedding bands have diamonds, they can match the cut of the diamond in the engagement ring to the cut of diamond wedding rings. Or they can just choose to coordinate the metals of the engagement ring and the two diamond wedding rings. There are no rules, couples should only worry about choosing a set they love.

Some actually come sold as a set with all three pieces to make it easy to find matching pieces. Others allow the couple to purchase each piece separately, so that they can be sure to find exactly what they're looking for. Buying coordinating pieces separately means the couple can actually choose certified loose diamonds and their own setting of engagement ring if they want to.

Choosing A Special Inscription

Inscribing your diamond wedding rings with a special saying or expression is a perfect way to personalize your love. Couples may choose to inscribe their wedding bands with something as simple as the date of their wedding or their initials. Still others choose to inscribe a meaningful phrase or split up the phrase between the two wedding bands. No matter what you choose, make sure to take your jewelry to an experienced engraver – you do not want to trust just anyone with your jewelry.

Diamond wedding rings used to be reserved for a special anniversary or an upgrade for an older wedding set. More and more couples are choosing to add diamonds to their wedding rings initially instead of replacing a plain band later on. If you do choose a band with diamonds, decide on your metal and finish, if you want to match the bride's engagement ring, and then if you want to engrave the inside with a special message. Once you know what you're looking for, choosing your wedding bands will be fun and easy!

Source by Sara Rankin