The Christmas holidays are a joyful and festive season of the year. Christmas weddings can be just as exciting as the season itself by using beautiful silk Christmas flowers in your bouquets and decorations.

The Poinsettia is the most popular Christmas flower. They can be used in bouquets or as potted plants to decorate the Ceremony and Reception areas. They come in colors of red, white, pink and sometimes blue.

The Poinsettia plant is a symbol of purity and their star shaped petals symbolize The Star of Bethlehem.

The Red rose symbolizes love and makes beautiful hand tied bouquets, especially when wrapping the stems with silver ribbons adorned with pearls. Small silver bells can be added to carry out a Silver Bells wedding theme. When carried down the aisle by a bridesmaid, their sounds add excitement and ambiance to the wedding theme.

The white Christmas rose with its pink tips also known as the Snow Rose or Winter Rose blooms only in winter.

A story about the Christmas rose is linked to the birth of Christ. A poor shepherd girl named Madelon was tending her sheep on the night Christ was born. The wise men and other shepherds were giving gifts of gold, myrrh, frankincense, fruit and honey to the Christ child. Madelon had nothing to give and began to cry. As she wept an angel passed by seeing her and stooped down brushing away snow at her feet to uncover the most beautiful Christmas rose which she presented as her gift of love for the new baby.

When choosing Christmas wedding bouquets, remember to keep size in mind. Especially the brides bouquet. An oversized bouquet can distract from the brides wedding gown. The wedding bouquet should compliment the wedding gown and help show off the bride and her beauty. After all she is the main attraction of the day.

Items of lace, fur, feathers, pearls etc can be incorporated into the bridal bouquet to enhance the brides gown.

Christmas wedding bouquets can be adorned with brightly colored Holly berries with their beautiful green foliage. Mistletoe is greenery popular during the holidays. Mistletoe has been used for more than two hundred years before the birth of Christ in Christmas celebrations. Use them to adorn the wedding altar so when the minister, priest, rabbi etc announces you as husband and wife, you will be ready to keep within the Christmas tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe.

When it comes to decking the halls at your Christmas wedding, the use of garlands designed from evergreens of Balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser Fir, White Pine or Scotch Pine, will give off a wonderful fragrance that remind us of the holiday season. Embellishing bouquets with these evergreens also make fragrant bouquets.

For a bride on a low budget, Christmas time is the perfect time to get married and save money. Most churches are already decorated for the season with beautiful red Poinsettia, Christmas trees, Garlands of Holly and evergreens. The windows may already be decorated with candles and greenery. The only flowers the bride may need to furnish are the bridal party bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

Hanging Christmas cactus that blooms during December can be used to hang around the room in the reception area. After the wedding reception they can be used as gifts to your bridesmaids, parents or any one who helped with your special day. After all Christmas is the time for giving.

Source by Bonnie Ray