When I was shopping for wedding dresses there we definitely things
I wish I would have know! So here is a short article on finding the
perfect wedding dress and type of wedding dress cuts that work best for
your body type.

Most brides are so busy with which wedding invitations
they should use, what their wedding vows should be and or taste
testing wedding cakes that they never take time to read up on what
kind of dress would work best for them. This actually really helps the
dress shopping along.

If you know what designs look best on you this will avoid picking
out wedding dresses that will accent that 10 extra pounds you just
could not lose. I do not recommend buying a dress a size or two too
small. It is much easier to take a gown in than it is to let it out
and since most bridal gowns can not be returned you do not want to end
up having to buy a wedding gown in hurry! Having to drop a bunch of
weight before your wedding does nothing but put more stress on you.
Planning your wedding is by far one of the most stressful times in you
life! If you do chose to lose weight before your wedding in hopes to
look extra fantastic in your wedding dress I recommend some sort of
program to help you stay on task. Here are some of the most common
styles for wedding gowns.

If you are looking for a basic gown that will go well on any bride
I recommend the A-line: This slightly flared gown offers a slim shape
with a gradually widened hem. This silhouette is considered flattering
on all body types.

If you are trying to hide hips, buttocks, or legs and to highlight
your upper body I would recommend a ball gown. These wedding dresses
have a fitted, corset-type bodice and a dramatically full skirt, this
gown might feature a natural waistline, Basque, or dropped.

If you have medium to large busts and a less than perfect waistline
I recommend The Empire. The upper body is the focal point with this
high-waisted silhouette, which offers a snug fit around your bosom and
a skirt that cascades into a gentle column. This is usually a long,
slim wedding dress with a variety of necklines. It can be sleeveless,
or with capped, or short sleeves.

If you are just all over curvy I would recommend the Mermaid or
Trumpet. Its A body-hugging sheath that flares at or below the knee to
create a fluttering hemline. The hemline ranges anywhere from a gentle
flare to one that is dramatic.

Well toned Bride? How about a Sheath? Simple and sophisticated,
follows the body's curves from top to bottom. Some sheaths are
bias-cut which causes them to clings but with a tone body this is just
this bride-to-be may be looking for!

Happy wedding dress shopping!

Source by Colleen E