The wedding day is one of the most special times in a persons life, so you want every detail to be perfect. Choosing the wedding rings is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. Your wedding rings will symbolize the covenant of your love and will be a representation of your commitment to each other. For this reason it is recommended that you choose a style that both of you will feel comfortable wearing at any time.

Choosing The Style

Most couples prefer classic wedding rings due to the fact that they will compliment almost any clothing or jewelry style. But you can follow your instincts with the look and design of your ring while deciding if it will be a design you will be comfortable wearing every day. The traditional plain gold band has been around for many years and will probably stay in style for many years to come. However, if you are looking for something just a bit more than the plain wedding band style, there is also the option of choosing bands that have been engraved with intricately carved details. These details may be etched in any of the metals normally used for wedding bands. You may choose a ring that you feel is expressive of your style and personality.

Gold, Silver or Platinum?

Usually, when the bride to be is already wearing an engagement ring, she will want the wedding band to match. However, these days you do not 'have to be bound to that tradition. A bride may choose to wear her engagement ring on her right hand and the wedding ring on the left hand. Primary ring metal choices include:

White Gold

Many people seem to prefer white gold which has the color of silver but is much more valuable and precious.

Yellow Gold

For many people gold is a symbol of the warmth and love of a marriage. A mark inside the band will tell you what quality the gold is-usually 14k, 18k or 24k. While 24k is the most pure. It is also the softest. If you work with your hands, you may want to choose 14k or 18k to prevent scratches.


Platinum is more sturdy and does not tarnish or scratch as easily as white or yellow gold. For this reason, many people are choosing platinum for their wedding rings. However, platinum is more costly than gold.

Finally, a couple should plan to shop for there wedding rings well in advance of the wedding date. If you wait till the last minute you may end up having to settle for something less than what will satisfy the both of you. Starting at least a few months in advance is a good idea to avoid last minute frustration.

Source by Victor Epand