Flowers comprise a large percentage of the expenses in a wedding. However, with a little imagination and creativity, as well as help from friends and family, the costs of using flowers could be cut down; at the same time, maintaining the elegance and beauty of your decorations and the occasion.

One way to lessen the costs is to grow your own. This, of course, depends on the climate of where you are. Some places are ideal for orchids, others for roses, daisies or chrysanthemums. You're lucky if the flowers you want for your occasion grow in your area. If not, you can always opt for the ones you have, or that's when you go in search for flower shops that sell for cheaper.

You can also attend flower-arranging classes. There are a lot of free sessions held occasionally by enthusiasts and flower shops. From there, you can pick up techniques as well as grand ideas. Get a lot of practice in before the big day. Have a sort of flower-rehearsal with friends. It could be one of the fun activities you can do for some bonding.

Another good idea is to choose a wedding date that sells flowers cheap. You could avoid having your wedding near Valentine's or Mothers' Day. Buy by the bulk – they'll be more affordable that way. Also research on what flowers are in season or those that are always in season. They are bound to be cheaper than those that had to be imported. You can also choose to throw in alternatives along with the real flowers.

The location can also be a factor on how much you'll be spending for the flowers. It decides how many flowers you'll need. You could opt for holding it at venues that are already littered with flowers, like the park, or a botanical garden, or even a landscaped yard of a friend or relative. Scenic places like ocean parks or mountain sides also require little to no flowers since the view can stand by itself. Just be sure to check the weather forecast that day, and provide a covered area.

Perhaps consulting with a professional florist could also alleviate costs. Sometimes, when we experiment by ourselves, we end up wasting a lot of materials and with higher expenses. Besides, with their experience, professional florists can work with any budget you give them. They can also give brilliant money-saving suggestions, and definitely know how to transform a small budget into something elegant.

Source by Albert Lee