Wedding dresses can be expensive but there are ways that brides can find a cheap bridal gown. By keeping an open mind you can save yourself a lot of money and keep within your wedding budget.

Many brides search for their wedding dress by looking in bridal shops. This is one of the most expensive routes for getting your bridal gown. It is such an emotional purchase that many brides end up spending more that they originally intended. Here are some alternative places where you can get a dress that is much less expensive.

First of all you should look online. Online retailers have fewer expenses and so can supply designer dresses at a lower price. They also carry a wide range of stock. The only issue you may have is that you may need to carry out some minor alterations. If you know a seamstress or have a friend that is good at alterations this will not be a problem.

You should look at second hand shops in your local town. These sometimes have wedding dresses coming into them and will sell them at a low price. For example Oxfam have special sections where they sell wedding dresses, shoes and other accessories. You can also find second hand dresses by looking on the Internet particularly on eBay and CraigsList. Here you will find a variety of worn once items that can be used again.

Your wedding dress does not have to be the traditional white dress; many brides now have a dress that is colored. Once you bear this in mind you can choose an item from a high street store. It could be a formal dress or a cocktail dress that you particularly like the design of. The other advantage to this is the dress can be worn for events after your wedding.

Just because you wearing a cheap bridal gown, other people will not be able to tell. To them, you will just look like a fantastically dressed new bride.

Source by Ruby Carter