Hair is the crown for women, with the ladies’ hair will look beautiful. Many women who want to look perfect with his hairstyle. Many of them cut their hair into the salon and replace the trendy hairstyle to look more beautiful and fashionable. Often we also meet women spend time and money just for hair care to have a hair that looks gorgeous because the women know that her hair is a crown that must be treated. Especially when on her wedding day, the women will be very dizzy with what hairstyle they will choose. For those of you who are still dizzy, we will present a variety of celebrity hair style wedding that can inspire you.

Inspiration hairdresser’s model beautiful and charming wedding

Here are some hair styles of world-class celebrity weddings that can inspire you and become an example that you can use for your marriage so that your appearance will be as a charming and elegant world-class star:

  • Kate Moss

For those of you who will hold a wedding with a minimal or simple theme, you can choose Kate Moss hairstyle, which in this model Moss combines vintage style with a romantic touch to her hair when she married Jamie Hince. Her hair is in the corrugated and slightly random arrangement, where her hairstyle is very well suited to the veil she uses. For you who wants to up with this model of your wedding hair, you should be able to choose a dress that suits your hairstyle.

  • Kate Middleton

If you have long hair and you want your hair to unravel on the wedding day, the order of Prince William’s wife can be tried. The pajamas of price James and Richard Ward fashioned Kate’s hair in a classic style. The hair of the Duchess of Cambridge section is pulled into the middle and then stubbed only.

  • Candice Crawford

Queen of beauty origin of this American chose to hear her hair when married to Tony Romo football athletes in 2011 ago. The Miss USA finalist arranged her bangs aside. Blond hair made wavy then in the bun in such a way. To sweeten you can embed a hair ornament, such as a small crown and so forth.

  • Hilary Duff

You can use a hair model from Hilary Duff. Hilary looks very elegant with her hair bun up when married to Mike Comrie. This beautiful actress styled her hair becomes more voluminous than dance higher up to make bread. This hairstyle is perfect for you who want to look taller.

  • Sophia Bush

Inspiration to perform with this hair bun can be obtained from Sophia bush hairstyle. When Sophia underwent a marriage with Chad Michael Murray, the star of the one tree hill series pulled all her hair back, then arranged into a scroll or chignon near the nape of the neck. There is a little hair on the front that is left to unravel to sweeten.

  • Erin Barlett

Married on the beach, movie star Rumors HAS It is choosing a bohemian style. Her hair was arranged into wavy. To sweeten the look she adorns her hair with a silver headband.

  • Ivana Bozilovic

This Serbian actress married star of the Bachelor, Andrew Firestone in 2009 then. Ivana nuzzled a short section of her hair. She left a little bit of her hair to roll on top of the previous bun. Some of the hair on the front was left loose.

  • Jessica Simpson

When married to Nick Lachey, Jessica’s hairstyle is similar to Kate Middleton. It’s just Jessica’s hair pulled back to be clamped with an antique brooch from Van Cleef. So it is very inspiring to try

Above is a variety of wedding hairstyle by the world-class celebrity that we can make the inspiration and examples that we should try. May be useful!