Make your wedding day a moment to remember not only for you but also to your guests! Dare enough to be different by embracing camo theme to your wedding dress. Using camo theme for your big day will surely be a lot of fun. Don’t know where to start choosing your camo wedding dress? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Ice Beauty Beads Dress

Our first recommended camo wedding dress is this strapless dress featuring camo print. Besides, this dress is also complemented with beads on its bodice and white skirt flowing fully from the hip down to the feet. As seen in the picture, this dress in a ball gown one. Complementing the overall look of the dress is a simple short necklace, white earrings and also loose straight hair.

Sunvary Wedding Dress

This long wedding dress features both camo and Sunvary White themes. This dress is beautifully sewn with satin in white color and is decorated with camo detailing for the side slit lining and the top of the dress. This dress is kind of a real example on how classic wedding dress style can get on well with camo style without neglecting the elegant look.

Elizabeth Dress

This Elizabeth Dress is done with bottom hem and neckline linings in Cameo touch and in a more traditional style. The dress features sweetheart neckline and also a cathedral train. Besides, this strapless dress also features another element in Cameo such us embroidery and beading. Although strapless, this dress is also perfect with capped sleeves. This cameo dress comes with full lines.

Camouflage Sweetheart Gown

Who can resist the beauty of this camouflage sweetheart gown? The way the fabrics are combined as just undeniably pretty! This dress features a sweetheart neckline and a lace train. Besides, another lace detail can be intricately found along the bottom of the hemline and also on the bust areas. This camouflage sweetheart gown comes with floor length in a classic touch.

Tara Pink Camo Dress

This camo dress comes with pink color dominating the dress, fuller bottom, and a strapless style. The shade of the pink is beautifully chosen to be in timber pink snowfall. This dress features bodice band, netting in black, corset lacing in flattering style, and bridal colors in traditional style.

Camo wedding dress has surely reserved its place to be one of brides’ best choices of wedding dresses. Not only is this camo dress unique, it also shows your personality. Be it more traditional or modern, cameo wedding dress can do its job well. Thinking of getting your own camo dress now?