If you are one of the very few who have a lump sum hidden deep within the mattress waiting for such a day, then quid's in! Yet realistically most of us do not hold such an amount of cash to make an extravagant purchase. Still a wedding ring is often overlooked when organizing a wedding. You will be chatting with your partner for months and months about the colour scheme and flower arrangements, but you will walk into jewelers with a lump of cash in your back pocket, burning a hole. Sit back and think about it.

After the magical day is over your left with three things. 1. Photos of the day itself. 2. Memories of the day. 3. The ring on your finger.

The wedding rings are the only thing you will carry for the rest of your life that actually symbolizes the binding of your marriage, yet this can still end up being one of the most frivolous purchases running up to your wedding day.

Hopefully you will have a bit of time until the wedding day arrives. If so sit down and budget; EVERYTHING! After you have thought of every possible outgoing for the wedding, add on 10% and start saving. Within the budget set contingency plans. You will more than likely need to cut back on something or other on the way and if you have a list of areas you can possible change this will help lower the inevitable stress running up to the wedding. Do you need the flowers on every table? Can you cut back the amount of balloons? Can we justify the band, DJ and harmonic vocalist? By outlining things that you are happy to cut back on, if for some reason the budget does not match the outgoings, you will not need to slap it all on the credit card that will haunt you for years after.

From personal experience the day will be special no matter what you have or do not have on the day. If the flower display was cut back, will this really stick in your mind years after; not likely? One thing that will is the wedding ring on your finger. It's with you every day for the rest of your life. So when looking at cut back, this should not be one.

Source by Louis Spundit Jones