The bride’s bouquet is the largest one in the bride’s entourage. However, this doesn’t mean that it must be gigantic. If you always prefer your bouquet to contain those tropic flowers dazzling to the eye and a garland which trails on forever accentuated by crystals that sparkle to the naked eye, then do so. All these designs work and it would be an absolute shame if you do not go for it.

The key is thinking about various ways that will let your bouquet match your dress as well as the gowns of the bridesmaids. For example, if the color of the wedding gown is ivory and the bridesmaids are donned in baby blue, then it is best that you get those creamy tulips in order to match both colors.

Let’s say you prefer to carry purple flowers. These are loud colors when set in ivory or dirty white. Do not worry. You can still do as you wish by choosing a fabric which you can use on the bouquet that also serves as highlighting your gown.

Here are some basics which you must bear in mind when you are designing bouquets:

1. Colors that have the shades of one another can give a subtle look to the bouquets.

2. Single colors are stunning especially when it perfectly matches the bridal gown.

3. If you prefer a particular color of your gown as well as your bridesmaids gown, it can be done because of the various options out there available for you.

4. If you want your flowers to be attention-grabbing, then get contrasting colors.

Another variety when it comes to bridal bouquets are the shapes and the sizes. The more common are the round arrangements but these can be spiced up by giving them downward points of greenery and lace. You can also have trails of beads or crystals at the bottom edge in order for it to have reflective sparks.

Diamond shapes are bouquets that have the trailing flowers of ivy designs. Just remember that whichever shapes grabs the eye, a bouquet is accentuated in those specific places. You can also make the arrangement livelier than most bouquets by getting those vibrant and attractive colors.

Source by Anthony Lee