Marriage is a sacred event that is very important in human life, so it is not uncommon for people to celebrate with big and luxurious, often we often encounter weddings that have a theme, from a minimalist theme to a modern theme that must spend a lot of money. In this article, I will discuss marriage with a beach theme. Who does not know about the beach theme? Yes, almost everyone knows that the subject of the beach wedding is an issue that is identical to the beach, ranging from wedding decorations, wedding dresses, to the marriage cake. Talk about wedding cake; wedding cake is an important element of a party, here are some kinds of wedding cakes that match the theme of the beach wedding.

Inspiration from the beach-themed wedding cake

The beach consists of several types of elements, such as blue sea water, white sand of the sea, large water waves up to the biota of living marine life therein. The parts of the beach will be unique and surprising when we use as decoration in the beach-themed wedding cake. Here are some inspiring wedding cakes for a beach wedding:

  • Beach Drip cake

This type of cake has spread everywhere and already familiar. For those of you who organize beach weddings, this cake is perfect for your wedding cake, besides the elegant shape, this cake is decorated with a blue and calm beach atmosphere

  • Tropical wedding cake

This cake is often used as the marriage cake for a party of marriage with the beach theme. Because although the idea of marriage beach, does not mean everything must be blue and ornate coral. Where the cake collection of Petite Maison is only showing some tropical leaves. This cake is also very suitable to be combined with a beach wedding without having to be too thematic.

  • Wedding cake inspired waves

Waves can also encourage to serve as a beach wedding cake, where the vanilla bake shop cake looks like a wave that emerges from the ocean off.

  • The mussel-topped wedding cake

Simple cake decorated with shells as topper cakes is perfect for you to make as a beach wedding cake, in addition to the theme, this cake is also different and unique when compared with other wedding cake models.

  • Mini seashell wedding cake

Cake with topper cake in the form of oysters and surroundings surrounded with shellfish into one of the many beach wedding cakes in the interest as a dessert in a marriage. This cake is very thematic if used for cake marriage. For those of you who want a wedding with a beach theme, then this cake is perfect for you.

  • Wedding cake inspired mermaid

Hearing the word mermaid will not be separated from the word sea, the famous mermaid as a marine daughter who has a human face is very popular in various circles, from among small children to adults. The cake with the mermaid topper cake is unique and in keeping with the beach wedding.

  • Sea cake candy

The sweet and saucy shop makes cakes with three different layers of flavor: chocolate cake with whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and fresh raspberries. From the three layers of the cake is sprinkled with candy that resembles sand to add shades of the beach on the cake. This cake has a high artistic level because it is made by the cake shop exposed to the world.

  • Coral wedding cake

It is a beautifully designed beach wedding cake with ornaments from marine biota such as coral reefs and other starfish.


Above are some options for unique and unusual beach wedding cakes. For those of you who want to raise the beach theme at weddings, hopefully by reading this article you can be inspired to determine the beach wedding cake to suit your taste and your wishes. Good luck!