Weddings are an important occasion for every couple. From the reception to the church preparations, every detail is taken into consideration. But the one thing that is top most on every to-be-brides mind is her wedding gown. You will always find the bride going that extra mile to ensure she looks perfect for her future soul mate.

Finding the perfect wedding dress at an affordable price is not as easy as it seems. Designer gowns are often out of the average bride-to-be's wedding budget. One of the first things to remember is preparation. Scout through bridal outlet stores if you're looking for something simple and inexpensive. Sales take place at bridal stores at least once a year. When this happens, usually old designs have great deals on them while shop owners make way for new creations. This is another perfect opportunity to pick up an affordable wedding dress. If a wedding dress is not high on your priority list you can choose to rent the dress for your happy occasion. If guys can rent a tux, why cant the bride?

Custom made wedding dresses are an alternative. A growing trend seen today, many brides go through tons of bridal catalogues and visit a number of bridal boutiques, looking at texture, colour and design patterns. In fact most bridal gown designers pick up material for wedding dresses from fabric stores. Start making notes of details you would like on your dress. By customizing your gown you not only save money but also get that dream bridal dress you always wanted at a fraction of the price.

The material choice and amount of embroidery, sequence or beadwork put into a wedding dress adds to the cost. Hence when you have budget constraints, you have to stick to a few guidelines. Silk is expensive, but you can achieve that perfect look with high-end polyester mixes available in the market today. Most brides fail to realize by purchasing a gown from a boutique and having it altered, costs, whereas with a customized dress, the dress is made with your exact measurements.

If you are going in for a customized gown, get references and testimonials from people who have worked with the gown maker. See samples of previous weddings gowns and how much attention is given to finishing touches of the dresses. Check with the designer if the beadwork is sewn or glued to the dress as it will make a difference later on. Work with someone who has credibility and experience behind him or her.

Source by Jennie Kakkad