You can put more than just flowers into your wedding flower arrangements. You can add bows, candles, balloons, or plastic novelties.

You can set a theme for your wedding using accessories in your arrangements. For example, you can add a duck, chick or bunny for an Easter wedding, you can add little wreaths or candy canes (real or plastic) for a Christmas wedding, or you can add hearts for a Valentines wedding. Whatever accessories you decide to add, you personalize your flowers in this way and add your own personal touch


Many novelties already have a wire pick inserted at the bottom, so you can very easily insert this directly into the floral foam along with the flowers. If your accessory has no pick, simply take a piece of heavy wire, heat up one end of it by holding it in a flame, and the insert the heated wire into the base of your novelty. If you novelty moves on the wire (up and down or around and around), put some glue right where the wire enters it. This should secure it


Balloons add a festive feel anywhere. They can be filled with helium to float in the air in your arrangement. Helium balloons need to be securely anchored. You can do this by having them tied to colorful ribbon. Tie the ribbon to a little wooden pick and knot them firmly. You can then insert the wooden pick into your floral foam. The wood will expand from the moisture, making your pick all the more secure


Candles area favorite at weddings. They create a beautiful, soft, romantic atmosphere, making them perfect for weddings. You can purchase plastic candle holders that look like a little “cup” with a large plastic point below it that can be inserted into your foam . These holders come in different sizes. Your candles should fit into them snugly – that way you know they will be secure. The base of the holder anchors into your floral foam and keeps your candle from tipping over.

If you can’t find a candle holder the right size, you can push the candle directly into the floral foam. First cut the base of the candle to a bit of a point to make insertion easier. Push the candle slowly, straight down. Do not twist the candle as this could make the hole larger than it needs to be and make the candle less secure. Only try this method with narrower, smaller candles. Larger pillar candles will be too top heavy and will fall over easily

You can also make your own candle holder. You take at least 5 wooden picks about 4 inches long and use rubber florist’s tape to tape them evenly spaced to the base of your pillar candle. You can then gently insert the picks into your floral foam. You don’t have to use florists’ wooden picks, you can use less expensive wooden skewers for kabobs.

I prefer not to have the candle actually rest on the floral foam. The moisture of the floral foam could travel up the wick of your candle. The best way to prevent that is to use the florists’ plastic candle holders. Second best is to make your own holders with the wooden picks.

Whatever type of accessory you choose to add to your wedding flower arrangements, it will be the focal point. Place it low in your arrangement to keep it balanced.

Source by Nadine Visscher