For years, couples have held fast to the idea that getting engaged is synonymous with receiving an engagement ring. In fact, wedding jewelry is a multi-billion dollar industry. The tradition of buying wedding rings holds true to its symbolic meaning. However, a couple does not have to buy wedding rings in order to communicate their eternal commitment to each other. Although, wedding bands are wonderful in its symbolism, it does not take away from the commitment that a couple has toward one another. Let's explore some other options that may take the place of the traditional wedding rings.

Family Heirloom

Many families have special keepsakes that they treasure. Whether it is an antique diamond ring or great grandmothers pearl earrings, adopting a sacred family treasure as a form of wedding jewelry holds a great deal of sentimental value. The wonderful benefit to accepting a family heirloom into your bridal ensemble is that you have the freedom to incorporate modern wedding jewelry as well.

Wedding Watch

Believe it or not, certain religious customs do not support wearing wedding jewelry. This being the case, wedding watches have been an alternative for such individuals. Still holding significant value, wearing watches can also be symbolic of the eternal love that a couple has for each other.

Opt Out

The wonderful benefit to living in America is that couples have to the freedom to wear wedding jewelry or not. For some, incorporating wedding jewelry into their marriage vows in not important-and this is perfectly okay. However, couples should be careful to integrate something into their wedding ceremony that will symbolize their eternal love for one another. Some examples may include writing their own wedding vows, a photo of a set of grandparents or great grandparents that remained married until death did them part, or any other object that may be symbolic of a couples' eternal love for each other.

Exploring other options in the realm of wedding rings is not a method of discouraging wedding jewelry by no means. In fact, there are certain couples that frown upon wedding rings due to their cultural, religious, or financial background. Wedding jewelry is intended for those that desire to wear it and find meaningful symbolism behind it. Buying wedding rings does not have to be a forced tradition. Instead, couples should make decisions based on what works best for them.

Source by Nicole Lindsey