A wedding dress is the clothing that is worn by the bride in the wedding ceremony. It is also known as the wedding gown. The bride’s family does not mind spending any amount of money on the dress since it also reflects on the social status of the family. Brides from rich families often wear gowns made up of very expensive fabric, rich colors and also having layers of fur, silk or velvet.

Earlier marriages were more socially and politically motivated than being just a union of two people. A girl was expected to marry someone of the same social and financial status. And the status of the two families could be reflected from the kind of dress the bride was wearing. And hence the bride was expected to dress in a way which would put her family in favorable light because she was not only representing herself but the status of both the families.

Traditionally a wedding dress is usually shorter from the front and longer from the back. Here the length differs according to likes and the dislikes of the bride and the most popular color of the dress is white though this might include many other creamy shades of white like ivory or egg shell. Queen Mary was one of the first women to wear this kind of a wedding dress. However at that time white was not the favorable color since it was considered as the color for mourning the death of a person.

But after Queen Victoria’s marriage, where she had worn a white gown and the official wedding photograph was published in all the leading newspapers and TV channels many other brides also opted for the same style of dress in honor of the Queen and gradually it started getting more and more popular and became a tradition which is followed even today as a white wedding.

Source by Amanda Jane