Whether you've ever been for a formal event before, there's an elegant hair style suitable for your hair type and length.

One of the most popular hairstyles is the "updo" and it's much easier to create than it looks. Following a few simple steps can help you to create a stunning hairstyle to go with your prom dress, wedding gown or other formal attire.

Here's seven tips for creating the perfect style: –

  1. Plan Ahead – If you try and create something stylish and elegant just before you're due to go out, you may not have the best opportunity to wow everyone with how you look. Planning ahead and trying out styles is vital to being able to feel stunning and confident – to enable you to have a wonderful time.
  2. For Longer Hair – If you've got longer hair, you'll already be confident about putting your hair up. For that extra something special, invest in some hair accessories that will enable you to pin and twist your hair. Adding curls can change your entire look, making a softer look around the face, ideal for bridal styles.
  3. For Shorter Hair – For shorter hair, you can find hairpieces that are designed to create the updo look. Pinning your hair up and using one of these hair pieces to create a few tumbling tresses can be deceptive and fool all but the best of your friends.
  4. Boost Your Hair Condition – Did you know that most of the celebrities spend weeks on improving the condition of their hair before the Oscar ceremonies? Treating your hair to some intensive conditioner treatments will reap rewards with hair that looks healthy and shiny.
  5. Have Fun with Friends – Get together with friends – if you're stuck for ideas, they can help. If you're going to prom with friends, why not plan an evening to get together and plan? If it's for a wedding, why not get bride and bridesmaids together for a relaxing evening planning your beauty regime and hair styles. If you're stuck for ideas, grab a few hair magazines and find inspirations for styles you like.
  6. Pop into the Hair Salon – Do not spend a fortune on the dress and skimp on your hair. Why not plan in to your budget a trip to the hair stylist so that you can relax and enjoy the anticipation of the big day.
  7. Consider Your Entire Look – Do not just think about your hair. Practice putting on the dress, your jewelry, shoes, make-up and then practice styling your hair. That means that there'll be no last minute panic about missing items and you'll be brimming with confidence about your look. If you're adding accessories to your hair, make sure they'll stay in place when you're out there on the dance floor!

Do not forget to look after your hair every day, not just for special occasions. Make regular deep hair conditioning treatments a part of your regular beauty routine.

Finally, have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself!

Source by Alissa Carter