Even though it may not showing in your wedding location, winter is still bringing the cool breeze, and you don’t want to get too exposed on it. Meanwhile, too conservative wedding dress that covers most of your skin can be boring if you choose the wrong design. Take a look at these designers’ couture this year and get your dream on.

  1. With Greenish Embellishment by Carolina Herrera

This dress is amazing as it is. This features basic a-line shape for the dress but it is more. The long sleeves are wearing sheer fabric to add some sexy touch without compromising your comfort for the season. The low v neckline is an amazing match for the conservative design, while the skirt is too gorgeous with green details and embellishment, not to mention the bold belt for a statement.

  1. Romantic Winter by Inbal Dror

Inbal Drod certainly has magnificent imagination for winter wedding dress. More than just romantic, the use of sheering fabric and a-line skirt is totally sexy. We will especially love the puffy sleeves and high sides on the skirt. The details are intricate and intense too, and this dress can never go wrong.

  1. Goddess Gown by Reem Acra

Reem Acra makes amazing and brilliant work of art on this dress. It features the most conservative cut for a wedding dress in which your skin is never exposed at all. Instead of being boring, this dress looks graceful and elegant. The big skirt adds the drama while the well shaped top is an amazing balance for the whole shape.

  1. Full Lace Wedding Dress by Ellie Saab

This dress features off shoulder top with long sleeves and ribboned waist. The skirt falls big in a decent design while the whole surface of the dress shows wonderful lace patterns. This dress is elegant and classy without leaving the lovely and young touch on it. This couture gives you the elegance and glamour at the same time.

  1. Flower Details Wedding Dress by Marchesa

Marchesa is known for the romantic dresses including this one. This dress is enriched with flower details. It features long sleeves and a-line skirt that covers most of the skin yet it also has low v neckline to add sexy touch on the lovely design. This dress looks delicate and light, but the intricate details make it elegant at the same time.

So you aren’t actually limited if you need to wear a winter wedding dress. Instead, these designers show you how to make your statement without compromising your comfort. Which design you’ll adopt?