When it comes to wedding photography, there are more than just the usual poses you should make time to make. Several poses are necessary to make sure your wedding album captures all the love, warmth, and fun during the day. Here are several poses you should never miss to make.

  1. Resting on His Shoulder

This pose is probably one of the most romantic ones. While it displays the bride and groom intimacy, it sums up the drama touch in your wedding. You can make it close enough with backlighting to soften it, or make a pose in wide angle with train stretched straight. This pose will warm your heart forever.

  1. Pose with the Ride

If you happen to have a sweet ride for the wedding, it is necessary to pose with it. While it is fun if you pose with the bestmen and bridesmaids, it is also sweet to have a kissing pose in front of the ride as well. The combination of both will be sensational and wonderful to see every time later.

  1. Pose with People You Love

Wedding is about when people who you love support and love you back. One of the most necessary photos will be to pose with them all. Instead of being boring, you can try something new like outdoor mass pose in certain shape while the photographer capture you from above. Everyone will enjoy the process and love the result.

  1. Fun Family Photo

Instead of posing in usual way, you can try this pose. Stand on your aisle and kiss each of your family on the opposite sides, groom on one way and bride on the other. It creates symmetrical pose while it is heartwarming, sweet, and very fun to make. It captures your family love and your love to each other all at once.

  1. “A Little Privacy, Please” Pose

This is probably one of the cutest you must make. Your pose is basically kissing each other, and the main addition is on the ring bearer and your flower girls. This photo shows you the best example in which they give you a little privacy. While it is cute, it is romantic and very warm to look at.

Don’t settle on the usual pose. If you can make time for the ordinary poses, use the remaining time to have these poses. They will highlight your wedding album while the memories it represents stay accurate and actual as well.