While satin often gives you cheap and undefined look, this fabric offers the most graceful and elegant look in good hands. Depending on the design you take, it can flatter any body shape, and it gives you radiant finish as well. Check out the following designs you will absolutely love.

  1. Simple High Waist Belt Dress

This dress displays ultimate elegant and class. It features simple cut with additional tail on the back to make it dramatic and romantic. The best part of this dress is on the high waist belt that defined the entire shape into something stylish and chic. The simple cut balances the radiant finish of the fabric, making it super elegant.

  1. Simple Big Pleated Dress

This dress is another piece of modern satin wedding dress. The fabric is already bright and shiny enough so the simple cut is the smartest solution to reach the elegant look. It looks chic and expensive while you will absolutely love the side pockets on the skirt. This dress is the picture of recent style and sophistication.

  1. Satin Dress with Tulle Skirt

This dress looks young and lovely in the best way. The top of the dress is made of bridal satin with simple and preppy cut. Instead of looking boring, it looks sexy with low v back. The best detail is on the combination of tulle on the skirt. The tulle balance the shiny satin while the simple design makes this dress a comfortable outfit to wear.

  1. Ruffle and Feather on Satin

You will love the dress once you look at it. The top is about preppy and polite cut for a bride. You don’t show any skin from there. Meanwhile, the skirt is a pile of ruffles which are topped with feather details for delicate touch. It goes asymmetrical on the back, making it a stylish pick for a bride.

  1. Urban Splendour

This dress also features simple cut for the dress. From the front, this dress looks like a simple A-line dress, while it features low back and flaring tail dress on the back. It gets bow as well as details, making it more delicate and elegant in a lovely way. It is modern and stylish at the same time.

Wearing satin can be a little tacky, but it can never go wrong with one of those designs above. Adapt one of the designs that meet your expectation and see how great it looks on you.