Rustic wedding seems to be in trend today, and yes, it is gorgeous. While other style is great, rustic wedding photography always appear so genuine, original, and romantic in a pleasant way. If you plan the same wedding style, it will be great to browse on several alternatives for the photography. Check out these following great pieces.

Romance at the Gate

This photo is a combination of true romance and true photography talent. The bride and groom pose casually in front of the fence, which highlights the rustic look on this scene. The outfits are simple and sweet, which is great to achieve the ultimate rustic look. The beaming behind the couple adds enough portion of drama to balance the atmosphere.

Safe in the Barn

This photo is another masterpiece is very thick with rustic style. Being inside the barn, the setting is already rustic and modest. The pose is simple enough in which the couple is sitting on a pile of hay, which makes it simple and wonderful naturally. The simple decoration on the background complete the scene along with the outfit style to display.

Casual and Very Rustic

We need to admit that the setting of this photo is pretty dominant in delivering rustic style in the scene. The black wood gate on the old building wall makes the best background. The rustic wall paint creates perfect foundation for the entire color palette in the photo. It becomes warm with the orang bouquet and the simple pose is adorable.

Highlight of the Outfit

While other photos feature the bride and groom, this photo is more about the little details on the wedding. Rather than capturing the decoration, the photographer captures an artistic setting of the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl shoes and bouquet. The entire outfit detail is totally rustic, and the background only enriches the farmhouse look to admire.

Light, Tree, and Lover

The entire props of this photo are rustic already which explain this style looks so thick on the scene. We have the trees on the woods, bright vintage lights on the background set beautifully, and the couple with simple and comfortable outfit for the wedding day. While romantic, this photo is modest in every way without compromising the drama and warmth to display.

These photos look good for several good reasons. From the rustic location and setting, simple outfit, and modest setting of the props, to the photography art to capture all the romance, warmth, and alluring atmosphere, these rustic photography has everything. Consider to adopt the photo for your wedding album.